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Subway Worker Shows What The Meat Looks Like Before It's Served

Subway Worker Shows What The Meat Looks Like Before It's Served

The employee showed people behind the scenes at the chain

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Most of us have wondered, though feared, what our food really looks like before we come to order it at a fast-food chain. Well, a Subway server has given his followers the behind-the-scenes treatment at the popular sandwich chain -watch below:

Sharing the footage to their TikTok account, the employee, who goes by the name @Travis2official, gave an insight into the appearance of the company's steak, tuna and chicken teriyaki prior to it reaching the customer's lips.

In the first of three videos, Travis can be seen holding a solid brown block of meat wrapped in plastic.

The next shot shows the hefty lump out of its wrapping and in the serving dish, as Travis gets to work breaking it apart with his hands, crumbling it into the metal bowl.

Then we have the tuna. This one is probably what you'd have expected really.

The fish comes in a large plastic bag, much like cement, and is poured into a big bowl. Though, giving it a sniff first, Travis doesn't seem that impressed with it.

But the good people of Subway don't just throw dry tuna onto your sarnie - it needs some moistening, so Travis gets another large bag, this time filled with mayonnaise, and drops a large gloop of it into the tuna.

Again mixing it all up with his hands, Travis creates a big serving of tuna mayo.

In the third video of his mini-series, Travis shows his followers how the famous chicken teriyaki is made.

Again, it's much like you'd expect. The chicken comes in a large plastic bag, pre-diced, and is dropped into a bowl.


He then grabs a small pouch of the teriyaki sauce and pours it over the chicken, mixing it all together with his hands.

Since sharing the videos, they have bee viewed almost nine million times in total.

And many of those who have commented on the clips said they would have preferred not to have witnessed it.

One user said: "TikTok ruins fast food for me."

Echoing this sentiment, another chimed in: "Subway employees GOT to stop posting. I don't want to know what's in it."

Others, however, said people shouldn't really be that surprised.

"Well, it's shredded steak. What do you expect?" asked one.

While another added: "Y'all expect them to have a cow in the back?"

LADbible has contacted Subway for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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