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World's Smallest Restaurant Opens In Copenhagen

World's Smallest Restaurant Opens In Copenhagen

It has space for just one diner at a time

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Eating out can sometimes be a bit of a fraught experience if your fellow diners don't fancy letting you chow down on your mushroom risotto in peace - whether that's a bunch of screaming kids flinging crayons around or some hyperactive blokes downing tequilas on the table next to you.

But if you're not massively keen on dining out with other people (which is understandable) then this tiny restaurant might just be for you, as it only has space for just one diner at a time.

That's right, no toddlers flicking half-eaten peas in your direction, no over-amorous couples in the next booth along... just you, and no one else but you.

Well, you, a chef and a waiter - but they probably wouldn't fling vegetables your way.

Restaurant 1:1, which claims to be the world's smallest, has just opened in Copenhagen, Denmark - a country where 44 per cent of all homes are single-person households.

The 'weird but fun' experience is actually a promotional stunt from Danish supermarket chain Irma, which is trying to prove that eating alone doesn't have to be depressing.

In an even better twist, the food is also completely free. However, there's sadly one big catch, and that's that all available reservations have already been swept up.

Looks fun.
Restaurant 1:1

"This project is a fun way to show that eating alone doesn't have to mean you have to get less of an experience," said chef William Melsted.

Irma, the largest supermarket chain in Denmark, has said the number of single households in Denmark is booming, and in turn the strain on the environment is also growing.

Grocery shopping is often geared towards families who are in need of larger quantities, which can sometimes lead to food waste in those living alone and unable to consume produce before it goes off.

Restaurant 1:1

Irma has released a new range of ready meals, and to prove the quality of the new range, the supermarket has opened Restaurant 1:1 to serve them up.

"Eating at a one-person-restaurant was weird, but definitely a fun experience," said 28-year-old Caroline, a guest at Restaurant 1:1.

Sure, the whole thing's a massive publicity stunt for a large supermarket chain, but I can't help but admit the whole thing does sound pretty tempting. Or absolutely tragic, it's hard to say.

Featured Image Credit: Restaurant 1:1

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