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Daughter Asks Mum For 'Sophisticated' Christmas Cake And The Result Is Seriously X-Rated

Daughter Asks Mum For 'Sophisticated' Christmas Cake And The Result Is Seriously X-Rated

Upon realising she had run out of red icing, Jackie Huseyin had the genius idea of making Santa naked instead

WARNING: This article contains images of genitalia made from fondant

Tasked with baking her daughter a ‘sophisticated’ Christmas cake, one gran decided to take the complete opposite route and gift her an X-rated creation instead. 

Jackie Huseyin set out to fulfil a ‘drunk Santa’ theme for her daughter Dena Huseyin, which is not exactly what you’d call sophisticated to begin with.

However, upon realising she only had skin-coloured fondant left, she decided to take her cake to new lengths – by giving Santa Claus a (rather large) penis.

Kennedy News and Media

Luckily, her daughter shares the same sense of humour as she told her mum she loved it even if it wasn’t the ‘sophisticated’ cake she had asked for. 

Jackie, who only makes cakes as a hobby, has received further applause from Facebook users after she posted some saucy snaps of the half-naked Santa, with many joking that ‘Mrs Clause is a lucky lady’. 

Jackie said: “Dena was asking for a sophisticated cake, but me being me, I thought I’d make her something else as a joke. 

“It was the last cake I was making and I was tired. I was going to do a drunk Santa laying on top with a beer bottle. 

“I looked at my icing and I realised I didn’t have enough red left to do the trousers.” 

Thinking on her feet, Jackie said: “I saw I had a lot of flesh colour left and that’s when I thought let’s do a naked one.

Kennedy News and Media

"I wanted to use all the fondant as well, because I don’t like waste, and that’s why he was so well-endowed. 

“I thought about it on her table and knew she’d take it as a joke. It’s just a bit of light-hearted fun, but I think it looks great. It’s been shared so many times.” 

Dena recalled the moment she first saw the cake, as she thought ‘look at the size of it, it’s huge’. 

She added: “It was very funny. You just don’t expect to see Santa with a big willy do you! You can’t beat a cheap laugh. It’s so life-like.” 

It appears naughty Santa will be this year’s festive ‘centerpiece’ at the Huseyin household, before Dena decides to dismember him. 

Jackie’s Facebook post has also garnered a massive response. 

She captioned the post: “My daughter asked for a sophisticated Christmas cake this year so I made her this. The photo is in comments. If you’re offended by a naked Santa DON’T look.” 

One user commented: “That’s blooming brilliant! Someone is gonna be happy receiving a big package. You may have started a trend.” 

Another joked: “Santa really does have it all doesn’t he.” 


Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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