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Woman who spent £9,000 getting forehead reduction shared ‘real reason’ she got surgery

Woman who spent £9,000 getting forehead reduction shared ‘real reason’ she got surgery

Beth Halsey is over the moon with her new appearance

A woman who spent £9,000 on forehead reduction surgery after bullies at school branded her 'fivehead' has revealed what actually gave her the push to go under the knife.

Beth Halsey, from Essex, had her hairline surgically lowered last month after spending years feeling like she had to hide herself behind a fringe.

The 27-year-old explained that although she was 'in a lot of pain and swollen' for the first few days, she is now over the moon with the 'instant' results of the unusual operation which took place on 5 March.

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The surgery - which saw her spend three hours under local anaesthetic to remove part of the skin on her head - was a long time coming for Beth, as she first started researching methods to reduce the size of her forehead at the age of seven.

"When I was really young, you don't really pay much attention to those things," she said. "But when they're are comments happening in school, I then had a fringe cut in."

The Brit initially believed that her only option was to undergo a female hair transplant, something which she wasn't too keen on due to the 'growing out phase' of the hair, which lasts for around three months.

But through the power of social media, she later discovered that there was a surgery which could be performed to shrink her forehead after Harley Street-based medic, Dr Greg Bran, shared a TikTok video about it.

During an appearance on This Morning showing off her incredible results on Monday (1 April), Beth shared the details of what went down in the operating room.

Beth Halsey before the surgery.
Kennedy News and Media

She told hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary that Dr Bran measured the proportions of her face during a couple of consultations to ensure that the size of her new forehead would be perfect.

Beth was then given a two-week 'cooling off' period to really consider if she was willing to go through with the operation and she then informed the surgeon she was happy to go ahead.

''They try to keep it looking natural and make sure your face still looks in proportion," she explained. "My hairline was lowered by about an inch or just under."

The 27-year-old is now thrilled with her new appearance - and by the fact that she can finally ditch her fringe.

Although she admits bullying and mean remarks did contribute to her lack of confidence, Beth said that was just the tipping point and revealed the real reason why she got the forehead reduction surgery.

Beth now.

She explained: "It was like a few nasty, teasing comments when I was in primary school - that was obviously the initial starting point.

"But then going forward, it's just an insecurity that I've always had and I don't know why, or what kind of the reason is that it continued. But it just did.

"Like I say, I've had a fringe my whole life. If I was going down the street on a windy day I'd be trying to cover it the whole time, or swimming in front of people that I didn't know very well... I was always just very conscious of it."

She excitedly told This Morning viewers that it was 'freeing' to no longer have to worry about her fringe flapping in the wind, adding: "I can be my true self and post pictures on Instagram."

Beth reckons it has 'changed her life' and encouraged any other people considering the surgery to take the plunge - as long as they're prepared to go through with it and are in the hands of a good surgeon.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Kennedy News and Media

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