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Man Shocks Younger Brother By Returning His Rent Payments So He Can Buy House

Man Shocks Younger Brother By Returning His Rent Payments So He Can Buy House

He had saved it all up and even added to it for his brother

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

If you need your faith restoring in humanity, I have just the video for you - a man who had been 'charging' his brother rent had actually saved up all the money for him and has now gifted it back to him. Watch below:

Todd Burkemper, an app designer and software developer, had a home built for him in Wentzville, Missouri and when his younger brother Alex graduated in 2017, the pair decided to live together.

After the first six months, Todd began to charge his younger brother rent every month.

But instead of keeping hold of the rent money, Todd decided to put it straight into a savings account.

The brothers are best friends.
Barbara Burkemper

Not only did he let Alex live at his house rent-free, instead of moving back in with his mum and dad, but Todd also added some of his own money into the savings account. All of it was going towards making sure that Alex would have enough money to comfortably put down a deposit on his own house in the future.

Todd decided that he'd let Alex in on what he had been up to, and showed the unsuspecting sibling a screenshot of his savings account, explaining what it was.

When Alex took the plunge and decided to put an offer in on a property in May, his mum Barbara filmed the big reveal, and Alex was overcome with emotion at his brother's selfless deed.

Alex has now bought his own home.
Barbara Burkemper

Talking to LADbible, Barbara said: "He [Alex] was buying a home, and his older brother, Todd, had secretly saved Alex's rent money for a few years to help him with a larger down payment and other expenses a first-time homeowner does not anticipate.

"Having been a young single man when he built his home, Todd knew the struggles and wanted to make sure Alex was well set.

"Alex closed on his new home two weeks ago and could not be happier!"

As reported by Good News Network, Barbara said in an email: "After posting this story on my Facebook page that evening, and reading all of the heartwarming responses, I felt compelled to share this story of brotherly love with a wider audience.

"The generosity shown by Todd is just one of many amazing facets of his character. We are so very humbled by the awesome human being he has grown into."

Featured Image Credit: Barbara Burkemper

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