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Four-Year-Old Model With Down's Syndrome Appears In Popular US Toy Magazine

Four-Year-Old Model With Down's Syndrome Appears In Popular US Toy Magazine

Ivy Kimble recently appeared in the hugely popular 'American Girl' toy magazine

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A young model with Down's syndrome has become the new star of a popular American toy catalogue.

Ivy Kimble, from Chicago, is the lucky girl who was chosen to star in the October edition of American Girl.

In case you've never heard of American Girl - which is likely if you're not a young child from the United States - it is a magazine advertising a range of 18-inch tall model dolls made by the toy company Mattel.

It's not available in the United Kingdom, but - trust us on this - it's massive over in the USA.

American Girl

The good news is that the toy company has always taken very seriously the responsibility it has to represent children of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

The diversity of the range sees dolls included in the magazine with hearing aids, insulin equipment, crutches, guide dogs and wheelchairs.

However, until recently they'd never had one with Down's syndrome.

As well as that, they've decided to try to encourage a bit more diversity among their models, too. That's where young Ivy comes in.

This October, the four-year-old from Chicago featured, holding a small American Girl Down's syndrome doll, wearing a red sparkling dress exactly the same as the one the doll has on.

Her mum, as you might imagine, is absolutely made up for her daughter. She also hopes that Ivy's inclusion will serve to open up the market for great representation for everyone.

American Girl

Kirsten Kimble told ABC7: "I have four girls and to have one of them in the [American Girl] catalogue is every mother's dream.

"But especially having a child with Down syndrome, there's not a lot of print or media with a lot of kids with Down syndrome.

"So, it's a big deal for her. I mean, she's a cute little girl and she has Down syndrome and she's in the catalogue. We're proud.

She continued: "For us, we want to keep seeing kids of all abilities out there in print.

"And I love that these companies are trying to make the conscious effort to continue to put them in print. My hope is that... it stops being a conscious effort and it just becomes natural. They're just seen everywhere."

Hey, that's a nice idea, isn't it?

For now, let's just be happy that little Ivy has managed to get her moment in the spotlight.

Featured Image Credit: American Girl

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