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Company Develops Futuristic Office Desk That Allows You To Work On Your Back

Company Develops Futuristic Office Desk That Allows You To Work On Your Back

Roll out of bed and into another one.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Most companies around the world will have open plan or cubicle offices. Each person is assigned to a certain area, given a desk and maybe a computer and that's where they do their business every day.

But one company is hoping to change the game for good with its futuristic design for a new office desk.

In fact, it isn't even a desk, really; it's more like a chair that has everything attached to it.

The company's website claims: "The Altwork Station supports your body and your work by seamlessly conforming your keyboard, desk, mouse and monitor to your body." Nifty.

But the best thing about this invention from Altwork is that it allows a user to recline fully until they're lying on their back and staring up to their computer, which the company says will allow employees to 'focus longer on complex tasks'.

Just one chair will set you back a casual $7,600 for all the trimmings, which includes built-in plugs and a 40-pound spring housing to secure heavier computer displays in place... but still, the cost might mean the chair is slightly out of budget for many offices.

Mashable's Chris Taylor gave it a whirl and says it's actually really good.


He wrote: "Freed of the distracting discomfort brought on by endless sitting or standing - the restless legs, the never-straight-enough spine - your brain suddenly finds itself more able to get on with the business of putting its best thoughts on the screen.

"Once you get over the panicky sensation that the monitor is about to drop on your face, that is."

Altwork argues that we already spend so much of our time sitting down that office work should be different.

To be honest, loads of us try to get up to eight hours of sleep a night, meaning the majority of us are already spending so much time in a horizontal position. So why you'd want to spend another eight hours in the same position while staring at a computer screen is anyone's guess.

Obviously you don't have to have the chair all the way reclined, as it has a 135-degree range of motion.

Featured Image Credit: Altwork

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