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Doctor Explains Why You Shouldn't Drink A Coffee First Thing To Wake You Up

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Doctor Explains Why You Shouldn't Drink A Coffee First Thing To Wake You Up

A doctor has warned against drinking coffee first thing in an attempt to try and wake yourself up.

Yep, while millions of us like to kick-start our morning with a nice, hot cup of coffee, it could actually be counterproductive if your aim is to feel more energised throughout the day.

Dr Karan Raj, who regularly shares health tips on his popular @dr.karanr TikTok account, appeared on BBC's Morning Live where he urged people to ditch the caffeine as their morning beverage and instead save it for later in the day.

Credit: Free-Photos/Pixabay
Credit: Free-Photos/Pixabay

Speaking to host Gethin Jones, Dr Karan said: "Don't drink coffee first thing in the morning to wake you up."

He then went on to explain the science behind it, adding: "Your body naturally wakes you up with cortisol, you get a cortisol spike in the morning.

"So save your coffee until slightly later mid-morning when your cortisol dips and your energy dips - you'll get a caffeine boost then."

Dr Karan has previously shared a TikTok video in which he shared the above advice alongside two other common early morning habits that might be negatively impacting your energy levels.


In the clip, he said: "Three mistakes you make every morning.

"You press the snooze button. This convinces your body that you are entering another sleep cycle, causing you to release hormones that induce more sleep.

"Then when you do get out of bed, your body is full of sleep chemicals that keeps you tired for another four hours."

Credit: TikTok/@dr.karanr
Credit: TikTok/@dr.karanr

He then went on to mention another habit I reckon a lot of us are guilty of - whipping out your phone as soon as you're awake.

"Checking your phone as soon as you wake up," he said.

"When you wake up in the morning, your brain gradually increases your alertness - going from delta to theta to alpha brain wave.

"Looking at your phone skips the theta and alpha brain wave, putting you on edge."


The advice prompted a bit of debate in the comments, with some keen to try and make their morning easier and others firmly in the snoozing/phone checking/coffee drinking camp.

One person said: "But but but Doc... those extra five snoozes are the best part of the morning."

Another joked: "People are not safe around me until I've had my morning coffee."

While a third person said: "Cheers, Doc. Amazing info as always."

Featured Image Credit: Stokpic/Pixabay

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Claire Reid
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