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Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Six Rings And Lets Her Pick

Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Six Rings And Lets Her Pick

He left nothing to chance.

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Trying to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is no easy task. First of all you've got to find someone willing to put up with you. Forever.

Then you've got to decide how and when you are going to pop the big question - where do you do it? In a public place? What if they say no? Could you deal with that kind of humiliation?

And then you've got to pick a ring, which is a whole other minefield to navigate. Diamonds? Sapphires? What do they like?

Do you even know this person at all? Maybe you shouldn't even get married, maybe you should just call it a day and go your separate ways to save you both the misery that will no doubt ensue if you can't even decide how to ask them to marry you in the first place.

It's clearly not meant to be.

Dennis made sure nothing was left to chance and chose six engagement rings.
Nathaniel Veal/Instagram

Well, one man covered all possibilities with one of the most elaborate proposals ever, instead of trying to find just one ring he bought six and let his bride-to-be choose the one she wanted.

But it wasn't just the rings he had sorted, no, model and fitness enthusiast Dennis Brown II made sure everything was perfect, hiring an event planning and styling firm, a photographer, florist, drape designer, and even a stylist to make sure he looked the part.

His future wife Atara Dallas had half a dozen different shapes and sizes to pick from but eventually plumped for a teardrop engagement ring.

Nathaniel Veal/Instagram

Working with an event planner Dennis wrote down a heartfelt message for his partner, which was then printed on a banner and draped behind the pair as they took photographs documenting their special moment.

It said: "Today, on your special day I had the pleasure of putting a smile on your face all day. For there is no greater gift that I could think to give you.

"A woman, whose heart is full of love and devotion to me, a woman whose loyalty to all those she loves stands unmatched, a woman whose generosity and willingness to help others around her flourish knows no depths.

"A woman who single-handedly made me believe that a soulmate, a lover, a prayer warrior, a confidant and a best friend could be wrapped up in one amazingly beautiful soul that was handcrafted for me.

"That's why today I wanted to give you the greatest gift that I could ever give heart and soul completely, unwavering and all yours......will you accept and hold my hand in yours through this journey?"

Thanks for making us all look bad, Dennis. Thanks a lot.

Featured Image Credit: Nathaniel Veal/Instagram

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