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Man Saves Base Jumper's Life As He's About To Throw Himself Off Bridge

Man Saves Base Jumper's Life As He's About To Throw Himself Off Bridge

The video was posted on TikTok, with the man saying the base jumper 'owes him a beer'

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A horrifying TikTok video shows the moment a guy is unwittingly about to jump to his death while skydiving, before luckily, another man notices the danger and intervenes. Watch the video below:

In the video, a man is being filmed while he's stood on the edge of a bridge (location unconfirmed), wearing a skydiving harness and with a parachute in front of him.

Just as he's about to jump off, an observant bystander notices a massive issue - he doesn't have his harness on correctly.

The bystander then walks over, telling the man in a thick Australian accent: "Get the f*** back over the bridge, you've got no f***ing leg straps on, you f***ing idiot. Jesus Christ. Go home, get off this f***ing bridge tonight."

He adds: "Don't jump tonight," before getting very Aussie and saying: "You owe me a beer."

The clip was shared on TikTok account Skydiving is Lit, quickly racking up thousands of likes and comments.

One viewer replied: "I saw it as soon as the video started. Thank god for these guys. I'm just baffled how he got that far without him or anyone noticing."

But there were a few novices who struggled to see the issue - best hope these folks never find themselves in a similar situation.

One such comment read: "Can someone please explain what's going on in the video. I read the comments but I'm still confused."

Another viewer asked: "Weren't his arms in the harness so he wouldn't of [sic] fallen out?"

An explanation as to why it was almost completely game over for the amateur skydiver was posted afterwards.


In the explanatory clip, we're told: "Here are the leg loops that your legs go through, that the guy did not have on.

"I'll try on the harness without my leg hoops. While it does stay on while I'm on the ground, you have to remember there is no ground when you skydive or BASE jump.

"So I jump - boom - and I fall right out. It's like wearing a backpack with a sternum strap.

"I'll now try it with my leg straps. When you aren't on the ground, most of your weight is on those leg straps.

"One of the most uncomfortable things about skydiving are the straps on your groin but look - I can hang out with those leg straps, if those leg straps weren't there I'd fall right through the bottom."

Another viewer added: "He wouldn't have fell [sic] right away, he would've fallen out once the parachute opened because of the wind resistance."

In my opinion, he owes his saviour more than a beer.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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