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Off-Duty Firefighter Puts Out Fire Using His Jet Ski

Off-Duty Firefighter Puts Out Fire Using His Jet Ski

He was able to douse the flame by pulling off a series of doughnuts on the jet ski

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

An off-duty firefighter put out a boat fire by splashing it with water using his jet ski. Check it out:

The clip was shared by the Rochester Fire Fighters Association, in New York, and showed the firefighter - who has since been identified as Oscar Herrera - dousing the flames by carrying off a series of doughnuts with the jet ski.

Sharing the clip the Rochester Fire Fighters Association wrote: "Video of off duty firefighter Herrera using his jet ski to douse a boat fire In Irondequoit Bay.

"Sometimes off duty, but always a firefighter."

The video has since racked up almost 16,000 views and Herrera has been flooded with praise for his actions.

One person wrote: "Awesome job, brother."

Rochester Fire Fighters Association

Another wrote: "Thank you to FF/Saviour Herrera! First responders on and OFF duty!"

While a third person commented: "He knows water very well."

Speaking to WHAM, Herrera said: "I saw it. Naturally I wanted to see what was going on so I went over and there were a couple of other jet skis basically staring at it.

"And I thought, 'What can I do to help?' And I'd seen it on YouTube a couple of times so I wanted to try it myself."

He went on to explain that he managed to pull off some big manoeuvres to create a big wake that would then throw water on the flames.

This isn't the first time we've seen someone tackle a blaze with a jet ski back in 2018 Aussie Jason Dobinson saw a boat burst into flames at Boondooma Dam, Queensland, and, after being unable to find a fire extinguisher, hopped on a jet ski.

Like Herrera, Dobinson says he first saw the trick in a YouTube video and decided to try it himself.

Speaking to Yahoo7 News, Dobinson said: "I remember watching a YouTube clip from the US and it gave me the idea so I ran back down to the water and got on my jet ski.

"My heart was racing, hoping it [the fire] wouldn't get bigger.

"Everyone was screaming but I couldn't hear much while I kept spinning."

Melinda Harkins witnessed the incredible act and told WIN News Sunshine Coast: "If it wasn't for Jason, the boat could have caught flames in the fuel tanks and everything so [he's] an extreme guardian angel."

Featured Image Credit: Rochester Fire Fighters Association

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