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Spanish Town Offers Families Free Houses And Jobs To Tackle Declining Population

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Spanish Town Offers Families Free Houses And Jobs To Tackle Declining Population

While the UK may be sweating it's way through a heatwave at the moment, there's no denying the weather is usually unpredictable and sometimes downright miserable.

So if you're looking to soak up more of the sun then this might just be the right fit for you.

A small town in Spain is offering families free houses and jobs.

Griegos, has seen its number of citizens decline in recent years. With only a mere 132 residents you can see why the scheme has been created.


The catch?

You have to be a family with children, as it is hoped that new residents will help save the local school, which has just nine students.

Oh and you would have to move there permanently.

The tiny town has just 132 residents. Credit: Alamy
The tiny town has just 132 residents. Credit: Alamy

The scheme is also hoping to encourage a resurgence and rejuvenation to the town.

There are three houses to rent up for grabs with two jobs in the town. The Town Hall is offering a further three jobs, ranging from the local restaurant to home teleworking.

The ad explained: "We offer you work in the kitchen and restaurant for you and your partner at the Paladar de Aragón, located in La Muela de San Juan. Or you can manage the Griegos hotel-restaurant, located in the square.

"If you are one of those who work from home [...] You can telecommute and make use of our coworking."


The first three months of rent are free, increasing to €225 after this period. However, for the number of children you have with you there is a discount of €50 per child - so with two kids, you would pay just €125 a month for rent.

3,000 applications have been submitted from around the world.

With the amount of competition there is, applicants are now being asked to submit a video message alongside their application explaining why they should be selected for the scheme.

If the project is successful, it could lead to other Spanish towns offering similar schemes in what is dubbed 'Empty Spain' where villages and towns are seeing a steady decline in population numbers.


Town mayor Salvador Gil has also requested 150,000 euros to update and renovate the town's hostel to 'make it more attractive', with hopes to expand their own scheme.

He told local media: "[We want] to convince other people to contribute the lack of professionals that exist in rural areas, such as bricklayers, electricians, plumbers or shepherds."

While it is the first time Spain has launched such a scheme, a similar picture of declining European towns has seen other countries propose similar projects. Italian towns offered their one euro house scheme which proved popular amongst foreigners.

Words: Harry Norton

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Topics: Family, Spain, House

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