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Aussie Mum Of 16 Kids Says She’ll Keep Having More Babies Until Her Body Stops


Aussie Mum Of 16 Kids Says She’ll Keep Having More Babies Until Her Body Stops

An Australian mum, who already has 16 kids, is keen to expand her family.

Jeni Bonell, matriarch of the country's largest family, is 'blessed' to have such a big brood and isn't planning on slowing down any time soon.

The Queenslander runs a YouTube channel with her husband Ray, which details how she manages her huge family.

During a recent video, the 51-year-old was asked whether they would have any more kids.


She replied with: "We would love more kids. It hasn't quite happened yet, but we would love more.

"We are very happy with what we've got, we are very open to having more. Eventually, age and that next season of life will prevent that, but there is always hope.

"If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't, we're happy either way.


She added: "We will keep having babies until we can't have babies anymore."

The Queensland mum explained how pregnancy is such a beautiful journey and is part of why she and her husband enjoy expanding their family.

Jeni and Ray have been married for 32 years and even though it costs nearly $500 a week to feed her clan, she wouldn't have it any other way.

Credit: TheBonnellFamily/Facebook
Credit: TheBonnellFamily/Facebook

"It's fun. There are a lot of sacrifices that come with having a family this size, but for us, it's right. For a lot of other people it might not be," she said.

"But we put 100 per cent into raising our kids and into our family life so for us it's perfect."

However, there is at least one downside to having such a large brood and it came to ahead last year as the pandemic took full flight.

As everyone in Australia was seemingly clambering for toilet paper, many would cast a wry eye to anyone seen purchasing more than what was deemed necessary.


When Jeni rocked up to the checkout counter at her local supermarket with enough toilet paper to cater for a family of 18, many thought she was hoarding.

The 51-year-old hit back at those giving her greasy eyes in a Facebook post, where she said: "No lady, you don't get to stand behind me in the checkout line in the grocery store, with your voice dripping sarcasm and your crinkled brow.

"I will not apologise for buying toilet paper for my family which is undoubtedly bigger than yours.


"And I will not let you make me feel guilty about it one little bit. Perhaps taking a deep breath would help or try smiling.

"I think the world is definitely suffering from a pandemic, yes, a viral one has now surfaced, but there's been another one that's been brewing for a long time, and that's a worldwide lack of good manners with a symptom of unkindness that seems to accompany it."

Featured Image Credit: TheBonellFamily/Facebook

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