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Aussie Vegan Stages Graphic Lamb Protest Inside Coles Supermarket

Aussie Vegan Stages Graphic Lamb Protest Inside Coles Supermarket

Tash Peterson brought a dead animal into the store and yelled 'the blood is on your hands' when cops told her to buzz off.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Australian vegan protestor Tash Peterson has staged a graphic demonstration inside a Coles supermarket.

The notorious disrupter dumped an actual dead lamb on a shopping trolley and wheeled it around to drive home the idea that eating meat causes animals to die.

Dressed in a butchers apron that was seemingly smeared in fake blood, Tash and few protestors calmly walked through the supermarket aisles until she got to the meat section.

A trolley held up the lamb in an attempt to shock people into vegetarianism or veganism.

Tash wrote on Instagram: "This beautiful little sweet baby was found FROZEN TO DEATH here in Victoria. Every single year 15 MILLION lambs freeze to death in Australia.

"If you're not vegan, YOU are responsible for her death. YOU pay for babies to be sent to murder factories where they suffocate to death in CO2 gas chambers (pigs), electrocuted in water (chickens) and bolt gunned in the head (baby males in the dairy industry, cows and sheep).

"Stop murdering babies, be vegan."

In a different video posted to Instagram, Tash can be seen being confronted by Victorian Police officers who tell them to move their protest somewhere else.

She obliges with that request but screams 'the blood is on your hands' as she walks away with the dead animal in the shopping trolley.

The protest comes not too long after Tash and her vegan mates staged a dramatic demonstration at a KFC restaurant.

A friend held up a large screen that depicted young chickens and the conditions they experience in some factory farms while Ms Peterson yelled at diners to wake up and smell the 11 herbs and spices.

The protestor uploaded a 15-minute version of the stunt to social media, where she called on people to end 'this animal holocaust'.

"The world's longest and largest holocaust in history is happening right now in the meat, dairy and egg industries," she wrote alongside the video.

"Non human animals are enslaved in concentration prisons where they are subjected to rape, torture, abuse and mutilation before they're sent to murder factories where they are brutally murdered as babies.

"If you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser. Abolish animal slavery, end the animal holocaust."

People appeared awkward as they arrived into the restaurant to order their food and one woman even approached Tash to argue the ethics of eating meat.

The protest managed to last around 10 minutes before the police arrived and authorities told Tash and her group that they had to leave because that they had 'made their point'.

It appears Tash is calling Melbourne her new home after a string of controversial protests in her native Perth.

The young activist explained last month how she had been served a notice banning her from every licensed premises in Western Australia.

That meant she could be charged with trespass and fined AUD$10,000 (£5,400/US$7,500) if she entered any place that sells alcohol.

Featured Image Credit: Tash Peterson/Instagram

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