Aussie Dad-To-Be Fuming After Gender Reveal Balloon Shows He's Having A Girl


Aussie Dad-To-Be Fuming After Gender Reveal Balloon Shows He's Having A Girl

A dad's priceless and unrestrained reaction to having a girl has gone viral on social media.

Gender reveal parties an be a fun way to celebrate what the baby's sex will be when the bundle of joy finally arrives (as long as no one dies or fires get sparked).

But you better be prepared for whatever colour comes out of the cake/balloon/dust/whatever because people will probably be filming the big moment.

Someone should have told that to an Australian dad who was very expressive when he popped a balloon in a backyard with his partner.


The expectant couple stood in front of loads of loved ones and exploded the big, black balloon with question marks around it. It ripped open to reveal loads of smaller pink balloons, indicating they we having a girl.

Judging from the bloke's reaction, he clearly wasn't happy. You can see him shout an expletive and then just look kind of bummed about the sex of his child-to-be.

The reaction has gone viral on TikTok and viewers reckon it's a pretty savage response.


One person wrote: "Someone wanted a boy."

Another added: "Imagine your kid seeing this when she's older."

A third said: "And the father of the year award goes to..."

While the bloke copped a serve for not being seemingly happy about his daughter, other people sympathised with him.

Credit: matthb92/TikTok
Credit: matthb92/TikTok

A viewer on TikTok agreed with the bloke's reaction, writing: "At least he is honest, every man wants a boy if you already have a girl."

The mum-to-be is holding a young girl on her hip in the video, indicating this could be the second child the couple welcome into the world.

At the very least they should be happy their gender reveal party went off without an issue and no one was killed or seriously injured.


The same can't be said for a recent similar party where a plane crashed in Mexico while trying to deliver the happy news of a baby's sex, causing two deaths.

The plane had performed a number of tricks and crowds cheered as a banner trailing the plane revealed that the baby was a girl. However, the cheers quickly turned into screams as the plane nosedived into the sea.

Emergency services arrived at the scene and recovered the pilot and the co-pilot from the water, but one died during the rescue and the other was declared dead while receiving first aid on dry land, according to local media.

The federal civil aviation agency has opened an investigation into the incident.


"Someone wanted a boy..."

Featured Image Credit: matthn92/TikTok

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