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Greta Thunberg Warns If We Don't Change What We Eat Then 'We're F**ked'

Greta Thunberg Warns If We Don't Change What We Eat Then 'We're F**ked'

The climate activist has taken aim at the agriculture industry and urged people to move to a plant-based diet.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Greta Thunberg has taken aim at the food industry and warned the world will be 'f**ked' if we don't change how we do things.

The Swedish climate activist has teamed up with international charity Mercy For Animals to explain how global agricultural practices need to be overhauled.

The teenager has released a video on social media urging people to consider taking up a plant-based diet because the statistics are shocking.

"The climate crisis, the ecological crisis and the health crisis - they are all interlinked," she said in the video.

"The way we make food, raising animals to eat, clearing land to grow food to feed those just doesn't make sense.

"Eighty-three percent of the world's agricultural land is used to feed livestock, yet livestock only provide 18 percent of our calories.

"If we continue we will run out of land and food."

The 18-year-old said the growing demand for meat is causing the destruction of habitats all over the world and we're losing 'countless' species of animals and plants.


"This really sucks for us too. They are our life-supporting system. If we lose them, we will be lost too," she said.

She's called on everyone to have a think about the way they consume food 'because let's face it, if we don't change we are f**ked'.

While Greta claims our food industry and practices are 'broken' she reminded viewers that our relationship with these two things 'can change'.

Ms Thunberg has been a vegan for years and urged people the world over to consider the 'thoughts and feelings' of the species who 'short and terrible' lives inside industrialised factory farms.

"If we keep making food the way we do, we will also destroy the habitats of most wild plants and animals, driving countless species to extinction. This really sucks for us too - they are our life-supporting system. If we lost them, we will be lost too," she said.

Her climate school strike activism recently sparked a wave of protests around Australia.

Tens of thousands of students, teachers and parents rallied through the streets and demanded governments do better to protect future generations.

Featured Image Credit: Greta Thunger/Twitter

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