Inventor Is Working On Homer Simpson-Style Instant Makeup Gun


Inventor Is Working On Homer Simpson-Style Instant Makeup Gun

Putting on makeup can be an exhaustive and lengthy process.

Whether you're just chucking on a bit of foundation and eyeliner or doing a full face, it's a process that can't be rushed otherwise you could look a little worse for wear. But an inventor is trying to end this exhausting daily routine.

Joseph's Machines is dedicated to coming up with 'useless' inventions and his latest trick is an instant makeup applicator.

Judging from the photos uploaded to his Facebook page, it looks like a user would have to place their face in the dedicated section, with several vintage wooden fireplace blowers pointing directly at you. It's hard to know if blowers apply the makeup all at once or if you have to do it individually one by one.


But what is clear is that the machine might need a bit of tinkering. Joseph has shared an image of his face after a test and it's a little...much.

If you feel like you've seen this invention before then you wouldn't be alone. In The Simpsons episode titled 'The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace', Homer embarks on a mission to invent the next best thing.

Marge comes home to discover he's make an instant makeup gun where women are expected to be shot in the face with a shotgun loaded with beauty products.


Sadly for the matriarch of the Simpson family, the result was much the same as Joseph's.

However for the latter case, many people rushed to support him and have urged him to keep going until it's finished.

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

One person wrote: "Oh god yes. I take the prototype. No matter how bad it is.. It won't be worse than my attempts of putting makeup on."


Another said: "Still better than some of my dark morning attempts..."

A third added: "I am ready to preorder. Pretty sure I have forgotten my 12 second make up routine in the past 10 months."

So it's clear there's an appetite for a quick-fire (excuse the pun) way of putting on makeup without it looking to ghastly.

Joseph has come up with inventions in the past that help you never lose the TV remote and even one will make and deliver a sandwich to you. Hopefully this latest one has similar success.

Featured Image Credit: Joseph's Machines/Facebook

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