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Melbourne Anti-Vaxxer Is Selling A $1,500 Fake Arm To Avoid Getting Covid-19 Jab


Melbourne Anti-Vaxxer Is Selling A $1,500 Fake Arm To Avoid Getting Covid-19 Jab

A Melbourne anti-vaxxer has been caught trying to sell a prosthetic arm online for people wanting to get around the state's Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Since October 15, all people on the Authorised Workers List are required to have had at least one dose of one of the coronavirus jabs. Failing to do this will mean your employer will have to let you go.

Melbourne also came out lockdown last week (October 22) and people who are unvaccinated are unable to enjoy the same newfound freedoms, like going to a restaurant, that their vaccinated counterparts can.

However, one individual believes their fake arm side hustle will ensure people who are unvaccinated can get proof of having a vaccine without actually the jab.


Essentially, you attach the arm onto your body and hide your real arm inside your clothing. When it comes time for your vaccination appointment, you request the fake arm side, maybe wince and pretend there's some pain when the needle goes in and then hopefully you would be all set to leave.

A short time later, you'd have proof of one or two doses on your vaccine passport and Bob's your uncle.

An ad for the prosthetic arm was first spotted on the Victoria - Sell You Stuff Facebook page.


The person selling the product wrote alongside two images of the prosthesis: "Prosthetic arm (left or right) Using this for covid vaccination.

"Best worn under a winter jacket to disguise your good arm. Available in various skin colours. Registered express delivery."

It didn't take long before it started getting trolled on Twitter as many couldn't believe the lengths some people would go just to not get the vaccine.


Many people have accurately pointed out how there would be a few obvious signs that a nurse or doctor would spot before administering the vaccine.

Two glaringly obvious ones are the feel of the skin as well as the warmth (or lack thereof) of the arm would be big ole red flags.


You also probably wouldn't be allowed to get a vaccine without rolling up your sleeve because you can't let the needle pass through anything else except your skin in case of an infection.

Then there's also the issue of the arm literally not moving so it would be a bit weird you not being able to plonk your arm on the table to get the jab.

It's unclear how many people, if any, have bought and tried the device however it does represent how far anti-vaxxers will go to avoid getting the jab.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

Topics: Australia

Stewart Perrie
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