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Nail Salon Uses Actual Prawns For Their Fishy Manicure

Jessica Lynch


Nail Salon Uses Actual Prawns For Their Fishy Manicure

A nail salon that has previously come up with some wild designs - including, ahem, penis nails - has once again shocked followers with another outrageous artwork, this time using real prawn heads.


LA-based salon Nail Sunny - which originated in Russia - regularly push the boundaries when it comes to outlandish nail art, but it's their prawn-art manicure video that is copping some major backlash.

Followers have dubbed the bizarre art as 'disgusting'. Anyone who has bought some prawns and devoured the meat will know the stench of the shell and head is rank.

Nail Sunny has uploaded a video showing how they make their divisive nail art.

The clip begins as any other manicure would as the technician shapes the nail and applies an adhesive. However, things quickly go pear-shaped after that.

It then cuts to the technician beheading a prawn and scraping out the innards (while getting rid of all that delicious prawn meat - blasphemy!) and casually shoving the head of the sad-looking shrimp over the customer's entire finger tip.

Credit: Nail Sunny/Instagram
Credit: Nail Sunny/Instagram

Now, we've all done something similar with Cheezels or curled-over Doritos and pretended to have witch fingers at some point in our lives.

But using real prawn heads feels like a bit of an overkill, and it seems the salon's followers felt the same.

One Instagram user commented in disgust: "ANIMALS ARE WONDERFUL LIVING BEING AND THEY DESERVE RESPECT LIKE ALL OF US. Shame on you for not having empathy."

Another said: "This could not be any more disgusting. Wtf who does this."

A third added: "That's the most disgusting thing ever why can't you just do normal nail designs???"

It's certainly not the first time Nail Sunny has raised eyebrows with their ludicrous designs.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

The salon recently came under fire for filling one customer's acrylic nails with live ants, with several followers blasting the company as 'cruel'.

Among the salon's other wacky designs (that don't use live animals) include nail art resembling pizza, pickles, penises, dog poo, cheese graters, breadsticks and even coronavirus nails.

Look, we highly doubt it's going to be a thing that will take off.

One person's trash is another person's nail design.

Featured Image Credit: Nail Sunny/Instagram

Topics: News, Weird

Jessica Lynch
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