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The ABC Accidentally Cut To A Satan Worship Gathering During The News

The ABC Accidentally Cut To A Satan Worship Gathering During The News

The presenter wasn't too impressed when the bizarre clip played in the middle of the bulletin.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

The ABC has bizarrely cut to a random satanic gathering during its news bulletin.

Media Watch, which calls out news organisation for shonky reporting, turn its sights onto its own broadcaster for this hilarious mix up.

During a segment about Queensland proposing new laws to ensure offenders who injure police dogs get harsher penalties, there was a brief pause at the end of the story.

The presenter let the vision play out before jumping to the next story, but not before a rather unrelated video played.

After footage of police officers filled the screen, viewers saw a random bloke seemingly presiding over a satan worshipping gathering somewhere in the world.

He was dressed in a dark cloak while two women sat to his right. There was also a pentagram and an upside down crucifix that was illuminated by lights to their left.

All we heard from the hilarious meeting was the leader say 'Hail Satan' before the vision cut back to the ABC presenter.

But instead of commenting on the strange addition to the Queensland police dog story, she just cracked on with the next yarn.

Media Watch posted the video onto Twitter, where people have had an absolute field day with it.

We have no clue whether the ABC ended up running a Satan related story later in the bulletin.

Maybe an editor was meant to put in a voice grab of a police officer praising the new laws and accidentally chucked in this clip.

Or maybe the Devil is just that powerful and can find their way into news bulletins around the world.

Looks like we'll never know.

However those few seconds of bewilderment will forever live on.

Featured Image Credit: ABC News

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