There’s An American-Led Conspiracy Theory That Birds Don’t Actually Exist


There’s An American-Led Conspiracy Theory That Birds Don’t Actually Exist

There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there that consume message boards and online forums.

However, one bizarre idea has a public face and has launched a tour across the United States of America to spread the word.

Birds Aren't Real is a 'meta conspiracy movement' that claims those flying creatures we see every day aren't actually birds and are instead surveillance devices planted by the government.

According to Vice News, the theory first got underway back in 2017 on social media (where else for a theory like this to exist).


The leader of the idea claims the movement has been going since the 1970s and alleges the US government has been engaging in a multi-Administration and generational campaign to rid the country of all birds.

Followers suggested that between 1959 to 2001, the government genocided roughly 12 billion birds with a secret virus and the creatures have carefully been replaced with covert spy technology. The initial aim was to stop all the bird poo from being dropped every year, and then the CIA realised they could use the concept of birds to their advantage.

Leader Peter McIndoe said: "I think the evidence is all around us, birds sit on power lines, we believe they're charging on power lines, we believe that bird poop on cars is liquid tracking apparatus."


But the people behind the Birds Aren't Real theory want to raise awareness for their cause and have embarked on a US tour to get the word out.

The first of the tour started in Springfield last weekend and there were loads of people who turned out to show just how much they believe (real or not) that birds are nothing but listening and tracking devices.

The group has released a statement, saying: "Our movement is quickly approaching a critical juncture. As we grow stronger in number, more and more highly classified information is being relayed to us by whistleblowers across the nation. Expect massive leaks soon."


At the end of the day, the conspiracy theory isn't too far out of the reach of possibility. While the US government might not have killed every bird, it could be reasonable that they have simply released a 'flock' of spy drones meant to look like birds. That way, no bird has to die.

But that would get in the way of the movement's very name, which implies that no bird living in the US of A is real.

They also believe different birds have different skill sets. Vultures are primarily used for public sanitation, while hummingbirds are assassination drones, for example.

Anyone who reckons it's a hoax is encouraged to find a bird and establish dominance by looking 'the bird straight in the eyes and declare the following statement confidently "I know your secret. I know that you are a surveillance drone in disguise".'

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