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Virtual Mega Yacht Sells For Record-Breaking $908,000 In The Metaverse

Hannah Blackiston


Virtual Mega Yacht Sells For Record-Breaking $908,000 In The Metaverse

For those of us who thought the only way we'd ever be able to buy a mega yacht was by purchasing a virtual one, I regret to inform you even that goal has become fairly unlikely.

The 'Metaflower Super Mega Yacht' was created by developer Republic Realm and sold for 149 Ethereum coins, which works out at about $908,000.

That unbelievable sale, unsurprisingly, has broken several records.


Are almost all those words I just typed total nonsense? Yes.

The Metaflower exists in the Sandbox's Fantasy Collection of NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, and features a helicopter landing pad, hot tub and DJ booth.

It also comes with its own 'Fantasy Marina'; which is a bloody relief because where else is a gal supposed to park her virtual super mega yacht?!

The Sandbox is one of the leading metaverse worlds and boasts collabs with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Deadmau5.


It's an online gaming world that allows users to own plots of land and, in the last week, has sold $122 million in land tied to blockchain. I hate it here.


The Metaflower is currently the most expensive non-fungible token ever sold in The Sandbox virtual gaming world.

The Metaflower was named 'in honour of The Mayflower', aka the ship that brought the pilgrims from England to America.

The Mayflower did not need a virtual mega superyacht named in honour of it, I can assure you.

Am I perhaps just bitter because I'm eating mac n cheese for breakfast and don't own a virtual mega superyacht? The jury is out on that one.


PC World revealed The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based blockchain project which takes place in a world similar to Minecraft. Now this is a comparison my early 2010s brain can understand!

Essentially, like NFTs and other blockchain projects, items in The Sandbox can be bought and sold, but they are still basically just pixels.

They do hold real-world value, because as The Metaflower has shown, people are really into this stuff right now.


The Sandbox actually started life as a mobile and PC game, but was bought in 2018 by Animoca Brands and has been brought into the blockchain.

The metaverse world is really heating up at the moment, beyond whatever Mark Zuckerberg is doing with Facebook.

Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn gaming platform, saw a sale of a virtual plot of land sell for $3.2 million last week, the largest price paid for a single plot of virtual land to date.

That sound you just heard was the collective heart of first home buyers the country over breaking.

Not even smashed avo can save us now.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: The Sandbox

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Hannah Blackiston
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