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McDonald's Warns Customers Items Could Be Taken Off Menus Because Of Supply Issues

McDonald's Warns Customers Items Could Be Taken Off Menus Because Of Supply Issues

Some favourites could be affected

Fans of McDonald's are potentially going to be hugely disappointed as supply chain issues mean favourite dishes could be temporarily unavailable.

Signs in stores across the UK have warned customers that items are 'temporarily unavailable', whilst other popular items may look a little different as some ingredients may be missing completely.

In the Kings Road brand in Chelsea, west London, one poster warned customers: "Due to supply chain issues, some menu items may be served with some ingredients missing and others may be temporarily unavailable.

"We apologise in advance to any customers impacted and thank you for your patience."

Signs are warning McDonald's diners that items might be unavailable or altered.

The same sign has also been seen in a branch in Cambridgeshire and Edinburgh too, The Sun has reported.

The fast food giant has confirmed that it is experiencing UK-wide supply issues, but it hasn't confirmed whether certain dishes or stores are specifically affected. So, we still don't know if the holy grail that is the double Big Mac is going to be affected or not.

The statement did also describe the signs as being 'precautionary' and no plans have been made to pull any items or dishes off the menu officially.

Customers have taken to social media to share their frustrations at seeing the menu altered, with one user tweeting: "I went to McDonalds yesterday and they didn't have tomatoes because of a supply chain issue."

Another added: "I saw a sign up in McDonald's this week. 'We are replacing our vegetable oil with rapeseed oil due to supply chain issues'."

McDonald's has said it's expecting nationwide supply issues.

This isn't the first time this year that McDonald's has been forced to make changes to their menu. Earlier in 2022, hungry diners were left disappointed when the Big Tasty was served with only one slice of tomato instead of two.

And in February, the Chicken Big Mac was taken off the menu entirely after it sold out within two weeks of launching.

Menu changes have also had some customers grumbling as new 'limited edition' items have taken over from firm favourites. In June, the restaurant revealed its new seasonal summer menu would introduce mozzarella dippers, a tiramisu McFlurry and two new Italian-inspired burgers. However, this meant waving goodbye to the popular McSpicy burger, and some fans were NOT happy:

Favourites like the Big Mac and boxes of chicken nuggets have not been confirmed to be struck off the menu just yet, but with issues potentially affecting the supply chain diners are warned there could still be more changes.

LADbible has contacted McDonald's for comment.

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