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Aussie Shopper Tries To Return 4,800 Rolls Of Toilet Paper And 150 Litres Of Hand Sanitiser

Aussie Shopper Tries To Return 4,800 Rolls Of Toilet Paper And 150 Litres Of Hand Sanitiser

The supermarket boss had a brutal and blunt response to the request.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

An Australian supermarket boss has revealed his brutal and blunt response after a shopper tried to return thousands of rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitiser.

The South Australian shopper went into one of the state's Drake's supermarkets and tried to make a deal.

Drakes supermarkets director John-Paul Drake revealed the shocking case of stockpiling in a YouTube video.

He said he was working in one of the stores when the receptionist called him, saying: "You have got to hear this."

Mr Drake said he couldn't believe his ears when the unidentified shopper wanted to return some of the items he had purchased.

John-Paul Drake/YouTube

"He said he wanted to get a refund on 150 32-packs of toilet paper and 150 units of one-litre sanitiser," the supermarket director said.

"This sort of behaviour is disgraceful. He is the sort of person that's causing the problem in the whole country."

Unsurprisingly, John refused the deal.

But that didn't stop the shopper from trying to hand the items over, coming in the next day to sweeten the deal.

Mr Drake continued: "He had all the receipts, he came back and offered me a 30 percent discount.


"We have only been selling these items one at a time. He would have had to have come in 150 times to buy them. That's 150 (other) customers who have missed out.

"We're all about supporting the local community. I want products bought here to stay here but this is ridiculous."

The Drakes supermarket director alleged the man had been working with a team of shoppers to buy items while supply was in heavy demand to then sell it at an inflated price.

This shopper wasn't the only one who tried this trick when things like toilet paper and hand sanitiser was in short supply.

Two brothers were stuck with 17,700 bottles of hand sanitiser after they bought in bulk to sell online as the coronavirus pandemic was getting started.

Matt and Noah Colvin of Hixson, Tenneseee, drove thousands of miles to pick up as many bottles of the handwash as they could after the first death was recorded in the US, earlier this year - spending between USD$10,000 and USD$15,000 on their haul.

Matt had tried to sell the hand sanitiser for inflated prices.

They had hoped to flog the $1 bottles for an inflated price of $70 each, with people panicking over the spreading disease.

However, after Amazon put a block on accounts trying to make money from the crisis, the pair were left with thousands of bottles, unable to sell them.

They eventually donated all their products to a local church and first responders.

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