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Bear Attacks Trainer Who Forced Him To Push Wheelbarrow Like Human

Bear Attacks Trainer Who Forced Him To Push Wheelbarrow Like Human

A circus trainer has been filmed being mauled by a huge black bear during a performance in Russia, after the bear turned on him.


The bear was being forced to push a wheelbarrow around like a human before snapping and turning on one of the two trainers on stage.

Children can be heard screaming during the horrific incident, while the other trainer can be seen kicking the bear in an attempt to distract it.

The trainer can be seen leading the 600lbs animal toward the side of the ring, before it furiously turns around and pins the man to the ground.

The circus, in the Karelia region of Russia, has no protective barrier around the ring, with the audience clearly in a state of panic.

According to reports, the huge animal was prodded with an electric shock stick, with the audience fleeing for the only exit in the travelling circus' big top.


The circus trainer was believed to be injured in the incident, however no details have been confirmed as yet.

Mum-of-one Galina Gurieva, 27, who filmed the shocking scene, said: "My knees are still trembling. I was shocked there was no fence for the safety of spectators, given the size of the bear."

Another audience said: "It was an enormous bear, and they lost control of him."

Credit: east2west News
Credit: east2west News

One added: "At first, for a few seconds, while recording the video, everyone thought it was a script.

"But when the assistant started kicking the bear and pulled out the shocker, the panic started.

"People got up and ran to the exit."

It is understood that the brown bear is a star attraction of the Anshlag Tent Circus and the show was named 'Bow-legged and the Wheelbarrow'.

Police and local safety officials have launched an investigation into the incident.

Animals and circus trainers have clashed before - back in April, a lion unexpectedly attacked a trainer in front of a large audience of children and parents.

The crowd screamed in fear as well-known performer Hamada Kouta was overpowered by the irate animal, which sank its teeth into his arm and clawed him.

A video shows the 32-year-old trainer being floored by the big cat which suddenly turned aggressive in the ring at a circus in Ukraine. His arm, leg and back were mauled and clawed, before the lion backed off and retreated from the ring.

Travelling circuses with live animal performances remain popular in Russia and surrounding regions, despite growing campaigns for bans or curbs on such shows.

Featured Image Credit: East2West News

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Bear Attacks Trainer Who Forced Him To Push Wheelbarrow Like Human

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