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Chinese Naval Officer Saves Trainee After He Makes Grenade Throwing Error

Chinese Naval Officer Saves Trainee After He Makes Grenade Throwing Error

He's lucky that this didn't end in disaster

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A Chinese naval officer managed to save the life of a young trainee after he failed to throw a grenade far enough away during an exercise. The terrifying incident was captured on video, which you can watch below:

The clip shows the officer grabbing the young naval soldier being chucked unceremoniously into a hole nearby just milliseconds before the grenade detonated.

It's not completely clear how much danger everyone was in, but it certainly looks that way. You can't really take any chances around live explosives, can you?

The whole scene unfolded while trainees at the Chinese Naval Aviation University were receiving training on how to throw a grenade, when it became abundantly clear that at least one of them needed a hell of a lot more practice.

Luckily for him, the officer who was standing close by was on the ball. He sprang into action and grabbed the young soldier as if running on complete instinct.

Then, as the fuse on the grenade ran down, he threw the man into a foxhole - where people can safely shelter while using live explosives - at the side of the training area.

Not a moment too soon, either.

Naval Aviation University

Predictably, the grenade exploded, but nobody was hurt.

The footage was then shared by the Chinese Naval Aviation University after the fact.

So, while this is obviously a cautionary tale about playing around with live ordnance, you should also heed the tale of this Ukrainian soldier who thought it would be funny to pull the pin on a grenade and then pass it to his mate.

No, that's not a joke. There's video footage of this, too.

Luckily, the guy who he'd passed the grenade to knew what to do, and pushed down the safety lever. That didn't mean that he wasn't left with his hand taped to a live grenade waiting for the bomb disposal guys, though.

Local police in Dnipro, where the incident took place, are quoted as saying: "A patrol of the 2nd platoon of the 3rd company of the 2nd battalion Alexander Tsukanov grabbed the hands of exhausted men.

"But even together they were hard to hold ammunition. Therefore, the police decided to bind his hands with duct tape and wait for the arrival of bomb experts."

Eventually, it turned out that the grenade was - in fact - a fake, and contained no explosives whatsoever.

That doesn't mean that the soldier wasn't facing a seven-year jail sentence, though.

Let that be a lesson, kids. Don't play with live grenades.

Featured Image Credit: Naval Aviation University

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