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Chinese Woman Nukes Banknotes In Microwave To 'Disinfect' Bills Of Coronavirus

Chinese Woman Nukes Banknotes In Microwave To 'Disinfect' Bills Of Coronavirus

Safety first, folks... fire safety is included, though

New measures were announced by the People's Bank of China that deep cleaning and destroying of potentially infected cash would be taking place in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

But one woman in eastern China is trying to save the banks a job by charring over 3,000 Chinese Yuan RMB (£365/$420) after cooking them in the microwave.

The woman, who lives in the Jiangsu Province, started to smell burning in less than a minute - realising that the money she was using to pay her bills was cooking.

A Chinese banknote.

According to TVBS, the notes are now too charred to be used at all after the woman rushed to the bank but the notes were so badly damaged they couldn't be properly identified.

But it seems that, after a member of staff at the bank spent an entire afternoon counting the cash, the lady was able to have her notes replaced.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

Many residents across the globe have become increasingly concerned that banknotes may have become a hotbed for the virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) explained that coronavirus can survive on surfaces for several hours which explains why businesses are taking extra precaution when it comes to cleaning commonly-touched areas.

This demonstrates why people are so worried about money, which changes hands multiple times a day.

According to CNN, all Chinese banks must now literally launder their cash, disinfecting it with ultraviolet light and high temperatures, then storing it for seven to 14 days before releasing it to customers.

People arriving at Hong Kong Airport.

According to a press release issued by the central Chinese government, The People's Bank of China has strengthened cash supply and circulation management to ensure the safety of cash use.

Special measures were taken on the cash supply in Hubei where the epidemic was severe. Before the Spring Festival, the People's Bank of China urgently allocated 4 billion yuan (£489m/$563m) in new banknotes to Wuhan to increase the cash supply to key units such as hospitals for epidemic prevention and control.

The branches of the People's Bank of China make every effort to ensure cash supply and, as far as possible, release original new bonds or issuing funds withdrawn before the outbreak.

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Featured Image Credit: Weibo

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