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Cinema Manager Allegedly Sold Popcorn With Cocaine For $100 A Bag

Cinema Manager Allegedly Sold Popcorn With Cocaine For $100 A Bag

Jamie Lynn Hiniker is alleged to have hidden cocaine inside a bag of popcorn at the Spotlight Theatres cinema in Mankato, Minnesota

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A cinema manager has been accused of selling popcorn with drugs, having allegedly charged $100 for the cocaine-laced snack.

Jamie Lynn Hiniker, 39, is alleged to have hidden cocaine inside a bag of popcorn at the four-screen Spotlight Theatres cinema in Mankato, Minnesota, where she works as general manager.

She was caught out after selling the illicit item to a police informant.

Hiniker was named in a criminal complaint charging her with narcotics sales, which said: "Jamie Lynn Hiniker did unlawfully sell one or more mixtures containing a narcotic drug."

Hiniker's mugshot from a previous arrest
Hiniker's mugshot from a previous arrest

If convicted, she faces a maximum 20-year prison term, along with a fine of up to $250,000 (£178,897).

Hiniker was caught selling the drugs to a police informant during a 'controlled purchase' on 21 July last year.

According to the complaint, police had known 'through previous investigations' that Hiniker worked at a movie theatre in Mankato and that the 'sale of cocaine typically took place behind the theatre in an alley or at the theatre in a popcorn container with popcorn'.

Under the direction and control of police, who were working in collaboration with the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force, the confidential informant made a phone call to Hiniker about setting up the controlled purchase.

The complained continued: "The CI stated that they needed to buy $100 worth of cocaine. Hiniker stated that the CI could come to the theatre to get the cocaine.

"Agents with the Task Force were tasked with surveillance. The CI and their vehicle were searched and nothing of evidentiary value located. The CI was fitted with a mobile recording device and provided with $100 of pre-recorded buy fund money."


The investigating police followed the informant to the theatre, where 'Hiniker put the cocaine in a popcorn bag', and placed this into another bag, according to court documents.

The informant said they then put the money on the counter and took the popcorn bag, before Hiniker took the money.

The bag was then handed over to police and sent for testing, which revealed the substance to be cocaine with a weight of .406g.

According to The Smoking Gun, citing court records, Hiniker had previously been convicted of obstruction, theft, malicious punishment of a child, DWI, and drug possession.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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