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​There's A New Conspiracy Theory About Planet X, Which Ropes The Moon In Too

​There's A New Conspiracy Theory About Planet X, Which Ropes The Moon In Too

Conspiracy theorist Matt Rogers thinks the reason we don't know more about Planet X is because of a worldwide conspiracy to cover it up.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

The coming of the Planet Nibiru is imminent everyone, so clear your diaries and kiss your ass goodbye. Matt Rogers is here to tell us how and why this is totally not complete and utter bollocks.

Remember the Planet Nibiru? The one that's been on its way to cause the apocalypse for more than 20 years now? Well, perhaps you don't, and this has all passed you by, but it was supposed to be here in September, then again in October, and then once more in November.

Needless to say, this didn't happen. This is largely due to the fact that it is absolute bollocks. NASA, who - let's face it - know more about space than we do, came out to say that it wasn't going to happen, and then (surprise, surprise) it didn't.

Credit: PA

Let's gloss over the fact that it is unbelievable that a respectable space agency should have to respond (TWICE!) to this sort of crap and move onto why they felt they had to do this.

This was all started in 1995 by conspiracy theorist Nancy Lieder. She thinks that Nibiru is due to collide with or narrowly pass Earth in a way that will prove fatal to our lovely planet. I should mention again at this point that this whole thing is absolutely batshit.

She thinks that she was chosen by aliens of the Zeta Reticuli solar system to receive messages of this kind and then deliver them to us. But bizarrely, she is not the only person who believes in this sort of thing.

More recently, conspiracy theorist Matt Rogers has been in the news suggesting that the reason we don't know more about the mysterious Nibiru (sometimes called Planet X) is because of a worldwide conspiracy to cover its existence up. Sure, whatever.

He claims that the moon and sun are, in fact, giant reflectors that block us from seeing a planet that - let me be crystal clear about this - DOES. NOT. EXIST.

Credit: PA

He is quoted as saying to the Express:

"Looking up we should see the Moon, not that beam of light. I do believe they are using another reflector up there - it does look very strange. That is not the Moon.

"I have seen the Moon on webcam images and even with binoculars, the Moon does not cause this blue sky around it. People state they can't see the stars at night, it is being lit up.

"It is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt that is not the Moon - it is too bright, too white."

I get it; no doubt there are things that our governments are hiding from us. I'm pretty confident that the existence of Planet X isn't one of them. After all, the Earth is flat anyway.

Wake up, sheeple!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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