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Couple Heads To World’s Biggest Nudist Resort For Naked Honeymoon

Couple Heads To World’s Biggest Nudist Resort For Naked Honeymoon

Brazilians Arthur O Urso and new wife Luana Kazaki decided to visit Cap D’Agde in France for a naked honeymoon

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

An OnlyFans couple who enjoy being naked decided to head to the world's largest nudist resort for their honeymoon, saying they wanted to kick their marriage off with 'adventures and new things'.

Brazilians Arthur O Urso and new wife Luana Kazaki decided to visit Cap D'Agde, a city in the South of France, which CNN reports is home to the world's 'largest clothing-optional beach resort', attracting as many as 40,000 guests on any given day during high season.

The outlet says: "Visitors are free to be naked wherever they want - restaurants and stores, post offices or banks, sailing boats or lounging on the long public beach, where nudity is obligatory, even for those not staying at the resort."

Dubbed the 'Naked City', the area welcomes tourists from all over the world, including Belgium, Germany, Italy, America, the Netherlands and Canada.

While Brazilians aren't quite so common at the resort, Arthur and Luana decided it would be the dream destination for their honeymoon.

Arthur O Urso and Luana Kazaki

The lovebirds told the Daily Star: "Couples should look for new experiences early in their marriage and not let it cool off!"

They continued: "The city was elected the capital of sex and the experience is worth starting a marriage with adventures and new things, in addition to pleasure.

"We did this to get out of the sameness."

The duo work as relationship coaches, helping other couples overcome difficulties such as lockdown.

They said: "We teach everything through the platform, from different positions to even encouraging couples to go swinging.

Arthur O Urso and Luana Kazaki

"Many did not know or were afraid of the techniques, but our tips made couples get closer at home."

They also turned to OnlyFans, saying they pocket around £56,000 ($77,000) each month through the platform.

"OnlyFans has brought us endless opportunities," the couple said.

Arthur O Urso and Luana Kazaki

Cap D'Agde is known for being a liberal spot - although public sex is forbidden, with fines of up to €15,000 (£12,860) if someone is caught doing anything inappropriate.

With a special entrance, the tourist complex is closed to the general public as there is a fee required to stay there.

Couples can stay in the nudist colony for seven days for a fee of around £51, on top of hotel and food costs.

Arthur and Luana are creating a special documentary about the most liberal cities around the world.

They added: "We are going to stay the seven days to enjoy the Honeymoon and capture information for our documentary."

Featured Image Credit: Arthur O Urso and Luana Kazaki

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