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Driving Instructor Killed After Being Run Over By Woman Taking Test

Driving Instructor Killed After Being Run Over By Woman Taking Test

A driving test examiner has been killed after being run over by a 68-year-old woman taking her driving test in Poland, local police have confirmed.

The incident took place at around 1.30pm on Monday 24 June in the southern Polish city of Rybnik, with police saying the 35-year-old man was run over while the woman was being tested on a series of manoeuvres.

At the time he was struck, police believe the examiner was testing another candidate.

The official statement from local police stated that the man sadly died from his injuries, referring to the incident as a 'tragic event'.


The statement roughly translates as: "On the maneuver square of the Rybnik branch of the Provincial Traffic Center there was a tragic incident. The car, driven by a 68-year-old woman who passed her driving test, knocked off a 35-year-old examiner.

"Unfortunately, the man died due to injuries.

"The Rybnik investigators, under the supervision of the prosecutor, explain the reasons, course and circumstances of this tragic event."

Stock image of an L plate. Credit: PA
Stock image of an L plate. Credit: PA

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The statement continues: "The event took place around 1.30 pm on the maneuver square of the Voivodeship Road Traffic Center at Ekonomiczna Street in Rybnik.

"Preliminary findings indicate that a 68-year-old woman who was in the course of taking her driving test was accredited by a 35-year-old examiner. Unfortunately, the man died due to injuries.

"During the incident, the man was most likely to examine another person. The reasons, course and circumstances of this tragic event are explained by the Rybnik investigators and the prosecutor's office."

Speaking with news channel TVP Info, deputy police commissioner Ryszard Czepczor said that the circumstances of how the incident ocurred were still unclear and that unnamed woman was in 'shock' and thus difficult to interview.


Czepczor said: "A 68-year-old woman, in circumstances which are unknown at the present time, hit the examiner, who unfortunately as a result of his injuries died at the scene."

"When we spoke to the woman she was in a state of shock and because of that speaking to her would be quite difficult."

Footage from the TVP Info news report showed the car involved in the accident being loaded onto a truck to be hauled away.

The front bumper and number plate can be seen hanging off of the vehicle.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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