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Aussie Drug Dealer Pledges To Donate 10 Percent Of Profits To Bushfire Crisis

Aussie Drug Dealer Pledges To Donate 10 Percent Of Profits To Bushfire Crisis

We doubt the person will be putting their hand up for glory when they donate the money.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Donations are pouring in to help the victims of Australia's bushfire crisis. Now one Australian drug dealer is proving they too can do their bit.

A screenshot of a dealer sending a mass message to all their contacts has gone viral, showing they intend to dedicate a portion of their takings to the appeal.

The message reads: "We will be donating 10% of all purchases this weekend to the bushfires. As alot oe my family have been affected." [sic]


"Not a joke. Actually being legit. Thank you."

Hey, let's give this person the benefit of the doubt and assume that are being 100 percent legitimate with the offer. A tenth of a weekend's drug earnings could be in the thousands of dollars, so we shouldn't knock it if it turns out to be true.


Although, we can pretty much bank on the fact that the person won't be putting their hand up for glory once the donation is made.

In other bushfire donation news, Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest has made the biggest donation to the crisis so far.

The Australian businessman has pledged a whopping AU $70 million (£36.7m) for a bushfire recovery package that will help people on the frontlines as well as those rebuilding their lives.

Through his Minderoo Foundation, the funds will be split into different categories so that they can make the most impact, according to the ABC.

AU $50 million (£26m) has been allocated to drawing up a 'national blueprint' to look at future approaches to battling and mitigating bushfires.

Andrew Forrest.

AU $10,000,000 (£5m) will be spent on developing a volunteer army, and he intends to deploy 1,200 people from the mining and agriculture sectors to areas already affected by bushfires to help the local communities.

The final $10 million will go to communities that have been hit hard by the bushfires, in accordance with the Australian Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Mr Forrest said: "With incredible courage and determination, Australians have united to help those devastated by these bushfires."

"We recognise that we don't have all the answers, but we want to understand what communities need and do our bit to help them."

If you want to help those affected by the devastating bushfires, click here.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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