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Final Word Serial Killer Executed After 34 Years On Death Row

Final Word Serial Killer Executed After 34 Years On Death Row

He had a final meal of roast beef and bacon

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Serial Killer Bobby Joe Long has been put to death by lethal injection, after announcing he had no final statement to make.

Sixty-five-year-old Long killed 10 women and admitted to 40 rapes; he had spent 34 years on death row, in Florida, before his execution last night.

He had a final meal of roast beef, bacon, French fries and a soda.

Bobby Joe Long killed 10 women and admitted to raping 40 others.

When asked if he had any final words, he simply said 'no'.

Twenty-five people went along to the execution, not including members of the media and authorities, Fox 13 reports.reports.

According to the news outlet, the execution began at 6.43pm and 'Long's lips moved once or twice at 6:44, then his breathing became laboured'.

At 6.47pm Long was shaken but didn't respond, following an examination it was announced that his time of death was 6.55pm.

The report says no one 'had a visible reaction' and there was 'no emotion expressed' from the victims families.

Speaking to Fox 13, the Lula Williams mum of Chanel Williams, one of Long's victims, said: "I'm glad we were here to see that murderer put to death.

"Along with the other victims, we all have the justice they deserve."

She described Chanel as a 'loving daughter, kindhearted sister' who was 'loved by her family'.

Chanel's younger sister Algalana Douglas told Fox 13 that none of Long's victims deserved to die, adding: "That's the hardest thing about this whole situation, is what these victims went through."

Also present was Lisa Noland, who survived an attack by Long in 1984 when she was just 17.

Lisa, who now works as a deputy at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, was brutally tortured by Long before he released her.

In a statement she said: "Bobby Joe Long, thank you. Thank you for choosing me instead of another 17-year-old little girl. The reason why I say 'thank you' now is because I have forgiven you for what you have done to me. Had I not forgiven you, I might as well be in my own prison, without walls.

"God has shown me the only way to really be free when someone bestows injustice against you is complete forgiveness. My life changed forever, and for the better. I chose not to remain a victim, I chose to live."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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