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Man Creates 'Best Tinder Profile Of All Time'

Man Creates 'Best Tinder Profile Of All Time'

After his profile was spotted on Tinder, it garnered the attention it deserved when screengrabs were posted on Reddit

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A man has created what people have dubbed the 'best Tinder profile of all time', having created a series of amusing infographics for prospective lovers.

Zachary Kroger, 38, decided to get creative with his dating profile, having presented all the essential information in easy-to-understand graphics - including a pie chart showing the breakdown of all the perks of dating him, a 'hotness scale' and a graph illustrating that his 'stability in all areas has been on the rise for years, and is expected to climb'.

Zachary Kroger

He also proved he was 'moderately well traveled', having been to Ireland, England, Scotland, South Africa and Germany, adding that in the future he wants to go 'on a date with you!'. Smooth, very smooth.

After Kroger's profile was spotted on Tinder, it garnered the attention it deserved when screengrabs were posted on Reddit, where it soon went viral.

Posting the images, the Reddit user wrote: "By far the best Tinder profile I've ever seen. Kudos to this guy!"

And it seemed others agreed, with the post racking up more than 76,000 upvotes and thousands of comments.

One person said: "Holy s*** snacks! That's awesome. This guy rules."

Zachary Kroger

Someone else wrote: "How is this man single?"

Another commented: "This is by far the best I've seen yet as well!"

And after Kroger identified himself in the comments, he was inundated with propositions.

"MARRY ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!! Not even kidding!!" one person begged.

Zachary Kroger

Another said: "I think I'm in love."

A third wrote: "I'd love to build a home with you... But for real, just got the McAllister mansion LEGO set and it looks daunting. Hmu if in Charleston."

Someone else added: "Plz give him my number."

Zachary Kroger

Speaking to LADbible Kroger said he was 'flattered' to have gone viral, saying he originally created them for a different dating app.

Kroger said: "I was VERY flattered when it went viral. I've had these 'slides' on Hinge for months, with limited success. So when I made a Tinder profile, I didn't expect much. But a few hours later, my brother texted me saying I was on the front page of Reddit, which blew my mind!

"I'm just glad so many people were amused by it! The response has been very funny, and the comments have definitely been a boost to the ego haha!"

G'wan lad.

Featured Image Credit: Zachary Kroger

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