Man Lets Huge Huntsman Spider Live In His House For A Year


One complete maverick of a human let a massive huntsman spider live in his house for a year.

An Australian man (obviously), called Jake Gray, shared the photos of his horrible eight-legged roomie on Facebook.

As if it wasn't creepy enough that he'd just been casually living with the arachnid, he announced he'd been 'watching it grow'.

Credit: Facebook

There are no words.

Sharing on the Australian Spider Identification Group, the deviant wrote: "Check out this big girl. Been watching her grow over last year."

He has been keeping an eye on the creature in his home in Cairns, in Queensland, where he's watched it grow into what he calls a 'mighty huntsman'.

And Henry Cavill thinks the only answer to destroy the monster is, commenting on a meme page that reposted the photo offering out his services.

Credit: Instagram

Referring to his role in The Witcher, he joked: "Toss me a coin."

Others agreed with the sentiment that the animal isn't exactly what you'd want to share your home with.

One person commented: "What do you even do? Sell the house? Burn it down? I'm not kidding even one second. Do you talk to it? Offer it a cigarette?"

Another joked: "Make sure she chucks in half on the rent - she owns a room now."

A third wrote: "The good old Huntsman. They are safe, but they will jump you!"

I fact-checked that for you and it's true - not only do they travel extremely quickly, they often 'use a springing jump while running, and walk on walls and even on ceilings'.

And on that horrendous bombshell, it's fairly reasonable to hear that a woman in Sydney jumped out of her car after spotting a spider.

TikTok user truthinlove44, from Sydney, Australia, ditched her car in the middle of a busy road and vowed to burn it down and get a new one rather than hop back in with the creature still inside.

In a video posted to her account, the woman can be seen standing outside the passenger side door and filming the inside of the motor, with the large spider crawling above the window on the driver's side.

Seemingly, and understandably, pretty terrified, the woman can then be heard saying: "I am freaking out right now, look at that freaking spider. I've had to literally jump out of my car.

"I'm stuck in the middle of the road and, yuck. I'm going to set my car on fire and just, I'm going to burn this car and walk home because I can't, I can't, I can't deal."

Completely understandable tbh.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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