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Man Seen Dangling Small Child Over Sheer Drop On Mountain Road

Man Seen Dangling Small Child Over Sheer Drop On Mountain Road

The shocking clip has been viewed millions of times

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A shocking clip shows a man dangling a small child over a sheer drop on the edge of a mountain road as others stand around taking snaps.

The man, believed to the youngster's dad, has been slammed by social media users after the clip went viral over the weekend.

The incident was filmed by tourists visiting the mountain path known as Hongjing Road in Beijing.

That particular stretch of road is known as 'Devil's Road' because it has 18 tight hairpin turns - during World War II it was an important defensive point, but now the 18.94km (11.7mile) stretch of rural road has been converted into a beauty spot and is popular with tourists.

In the heart-stopping clip, which has been viewed more than 13 million times in a day, the man can be seen holding the young boy by both arms, dangling him over the edge of the road.

The youngster places both feet on the wall and seems completely unaware of the dangers posed by the sheer drop beneath him.

While the man holds on to the boy, another man - believed to be a family member - can be seen taking photographs on his phone.


Other tourists, including some believed to be from the same family, look on but no one intervenes or attempts to stop the potentially deadly stunt.

Since it was shared on Chinese social media site, the man has been hit with heavy criticism for his actions.

It's not clear if police are investigating or will be attempting to charge the man.

Shockingly, this isn't the first time someone has been seen attempting a dangerous and foolish stunt like this.


Last summer, a man was photographed hanging a small boy over the edge of a cliff at Seven Sisters cliffs, in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK.

The man could be seen leaning over while holding the youngster on the 400ft cliff. The edge of the cliff is known to crumble unpredictably, with 50,000 tonnes of it falling into the sea three years ago.

A student from South Korea, Hyewon Kim, fell to her death at the cliff while posing for a picture in 2017.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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