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Mother Of Groom Discovers Son’s Bride-To-Be Is Long-Lost Daughter

Mother Of Groom Discovers Son’s Bride-To-Be Is Long-Lost Daughter

In a further twist, it transpired the man was also adopted so the couple are not related

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman attending her son's wedding was left reeling after discovering the bride-to-be was her long-lost daughter.

At a wedding in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in China, last month the mother-of-the-groom noticed a birthmark on the hand of her new daughter-in-law that was similar to her own daughter's, Oriental Daily reports.

The woman then approached the parents of the bride to ask if she had been adopted.

Oriental Daily

As you can probably imagine, the family were shocked by the question but revealed they had found a baby girl by the roadside and taken her in as their own.

The completely overwhelmed bride broke down in tears upon hearing the news and told local media the moment she found out about her biological family was 'happier than the wedding day itself'.

To add an extra twist to an already extraordinary tale, the wedding could go ahead as it turned out the groom was also adopted - meaning the couple are not related.

According to Oriental Daily, the woman went on to adopt after giving up hope of ever finding her missing daughter.

Oriental Daily

Late last year, a homeless man in Brazil was reunited with his long-lost family after he was spotted in a photograph online.

João Coelho Guimarães had been estranged from his family, who assumed he was dead as they hadn't seen him for several years.

However they were reunited when images of João went viral after he was given a haircut by businessman and barber Alessandro Lobo.

Snaps of a now dapper looking João eventually came to the attention of his family, who hadn't heard from him in over a decade, and assumed he had passed away and reported him dead.

After discovering he was alive, his mother and sister travelled out to meet him in December.

Speaking shortly before the reunion, Alessandro said: "They saw the photo and contacted me and, since he doesn't have a phone or a fixed address, tomorrow we will go through the neighborhood to try to find him.

"It is Christmas time and the intention was to show that with little we can change someone's life. That we have to do good without looking at who. We did not imagine that it would have this repercussion."

Featured Image Credit: Oriental Daily

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