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Mum Panics After Hair Spray Mix-Up Almost Ruins Six-Year-Old Son's Halloween

Mum Panics After Hair Spray Mix-Up Almost Ruins Six-Year-Old Son's Halloween

He just wanted to go trick-or-treating

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Halloween almost turned into a real life nightmare for one family after a major costume malfunction almost put an end to one little boy's trick-or-treating plans.

Jacob Myers, age six, from Bradford, had planned to do what kids do best at this time of year - cake themselves in make-up, put on a home-made costume and eat as many sweets as humanly possible.

And there was just one more thing he needed to complete his look as a creepy killer clown; blood red hair.

Like most mums, Ashlee Myers did some last minute shopping to pick up all the bits for her children's outfits. It was then that she thought she had hit the jackpot when she spotted a can of red spray - perfect, right?

You would think so, but no. Not. At. All.


The mum-of-five said: "The spray was in the same box as all the other hair spray cans, so I'm not sure if was put there by a shopper who changed their mind or maybe a member of staff didn't look at the label.

"We sprayed it on on the garden and I had just about finished up when I said it smelt a bit strong. I looked at the can to see the words 'NEON RED HAIR SPRAY'."

Ashlee added: "I burst into tears and ran to my husband, who found it hilarious. I then rang my mother - because what else do you in an emergency? She also just laughed at me."

In a state of panic she took to Facebook to tell her friends what she had done, with pictures of her son's shocking new look - it went on to be shared more than 27,000 times.


Alongside a before-and-after picture of her little boy, she wrote: "Feel like worst parent in world. Got hair spray from pound shop right with all Halloween stuff ....Spray it on thought yeah looks ace that. Finished up thought smells a bit strong. Looked at label. ITS FUCKING SPRAY PAINT.

"I've fully dyed his fucking head and chances are i need to shave his head coz after 30 min scrubbing I CANT GET IT OUT !!!!!"

Fortunately for little Jacob, he managed to keep all of his hair and Ashlee and her partner Mathew Holt were able to take him out trick or treating.

Ashlee said: "We gave a good half hour scrub and took off one layer, then we went trick-or-treating - deal with it later rather than ruin his day.

"He just wanted to set off trick-or-treating. He was going as a clown until his sister pointed out he now looked like a punk rocker so he was now the punk rocker clown.


"Jacob thought it was ace and funny until he realised he would have to get a good scrub down in the bath... then he sulked for five minutes before remembering his trick-or-treat bag was full of sweeties."

And had she not spotted her mistake when she did, things could have been a whole lot worse.

She added: "I'm so glad I caught it after doing his hair or I would have had another two kids in the same boat.

"We all went trick-or-treating as a family. We even saw a fortune teller on our travels who found the whole story hilarious - she didn't see it coming!"

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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