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OnlyFans Content Creators Hold University Seminar About Sex Work

OnlyFans Content Creators Hold University Seminar About Sex Work

It aimed to 'destigmatize' digital sex work

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A university in the US hosted a seminar this week, which saw OnlyFans content creators opening up about their experiences of digital sex work.

The panel took part in Ohio State University's 'Sex Week', which is run by Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness.

The seminar, called 'OnlyFans: Behind The Scenes', was held last Saturday (20 February).

A summary of the event reads: "Starting an OnlyFans? Join us for a panel with OnlyFans content creators to discuss their experiences and destigmatising digital sex work."

It was the third time Sex Week has taken place at the university, with the event held virtually this year.

A description of the event on the Sex Week website reads: "We missed a lot in high school -socially, biologically, and scientifically.

"That is why Ohio State is creating a judgment-free, inclusive, relatable space for our community to explore the sides of sexual health that they never really learned. That is why Sex Week is here."

Content subscription service OnlyFans has proven to be a profitable avenue for many students, both in the US and the UK.

Lenny Holmes signed up to sell nude photos, and within two weeks she had 1,500 subscribers, all paying a tenner a month.

The cash meant journalism student Lenny was able to quit her 30-hour a week job as a retail assistant at Victoria's Secret and pay off some debts.

But the money came at a price, with keyboard warriors calling her a 'whore' for selling nudes online.

Lenny quit her job after making a bomb on OnlyFans.

Lenny said: "Strangers on the internet are the worst, and people can say nasty things. I have had really brutal messages including death threats from random trolls.

"People have called me a whore and a slag and told me I'm not intelligent. I've been told to get some GCSEs and do something with my life, but people don't realise I have those and I'm at university.

"They are the same people who watch porn every weekend - they just don't like what I do because they have to pay."

Kaya Corbridge quit her degree at Leeds Beckett University after raking in £30,000 ($39,000) a month on the site.

Kaya explained: "I set-up my OnlyFans account on a bit of whim. I just thought I'd give it a go - I never thought it would change my life in the way it has.

"In my first year I made £255,000 and now I earn about £30,000 every month - I'm in the top one percent of OnlyFans earners in the world."

Featured Image Credit: Nheyob (Creative Commons)

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