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Pizza Delivery Driver Warned By Boss Not To Make Plans For After Their Shifts

Pizza Delivery Driver Warned By Boss Not To Make Plans For After Their Shifts

A worker posted on Reddit to say how they were ‘almost’ fired for trying to make plans after their shifts

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A pizza delivery driver has revealed they were once warned by their boss not to make any plans after their shifts, having been told they would be kept 'a little later' if required.

A Reddit user called u/treegeezer posted on the forum site to say how they were 'almost' fired for trying to make plans, sharing a screenshot of the message they received from their manager.

"Almost got fired for making plans after work as a pizza driver," the Reddit user wrote.

In the message, their boss had told them: "From now on I recommend only making plans on your days off. If the store needs you a little later than your out time I will keep you if I need to.

"I always try not to unless it's absolutely necessary. Just a warning to everyone.

"Drivers keep your phones charged as well. Idc [I don't care] if your phone is dying we have plenty of people who probably have a charger you can borrow. If no one does then we will print directions for you."


Unsurprisingly, the post garnered a lot of attention online, racking up 1,200 upvotes and a great deal of debate in the comments section.

One person wrote: "This person does not own you, OP, and he cannot force you to work after your scheduled shift. Your know law, don't let him treat you this way. If he fires you for standing up for your rights, call a lawyer that works on contingency and sue."

Someone else asked: "Since when was a delivery driver an on-call position?"

Another said it was 'depressing as f***', while one believed it was '12 different flavors of 'f*** no!'.

Stock image.

"If they want you to be 'on call' in your off time, that demands a serious premium," one also said, while another advised: "You cannot be forced to stay past your scheduled shift. They are threatening retaliation. Save the texts. Take photos of the schedule the day it comes out. Report them to Labor and call corporate and threaten a lawsuit. Make a big stink before you quit. Better yet make them fire you and get an attorney [...] My brother sued a national chain and got close to 100k. His issue was maybe a bit worse, but he found an attorney who took the case and it was settled out of court."

Someone suggested they should simply 'make plans after every shift' out of 'spite', and invite everyone but the boss.

Others shared similar horror stories, with one arguing such issues were 'pretty standard' in hospitality, adding: "Not saying it's good though."

Another said: "I'm embarrassed that I accepted this back when i was working in food service 30 years ago."

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