Robbers Break Into Student's Home While She Takes Part In Zoom Class

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Robbers Break Into Student's Home While She Takes Part In Zoom Class

A virtual Zoom class in Ecuador was interrupted whenone of the students' homes was broken into - with her webcam capturing the moment robbers entered the room while her fellow classmates watched on in horror.


According to Nuestra Realidad, the incident took place on 4 September in the city of Ambato, the capital city of the province of Tungurahua, where a student was taking part in an online lesson via Zoom.

Webcam footage shows the virtual class sitting in front of their laptops, but while others are paying attention one young woman can be seen turning around and looking towards the door behind her.


While her microphone is off, you can see the burglars walking towards her - and her laptop camera - as she stands up in horror. Despite not being able to hear their conversation, it's clear from the body language of both the victim and the robbers that they are threatening and intimidating her.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

At first the rest of the class didn't appear to clock what was going on, but as the robbers continue to threaten her and move closer to the camera, many people soon realise something's up and alert the teacher.


Nuestra Realidad reports that the teacher then says: "Quickly, call the police. Call the parents."

While students scramble to report the incident, the men take the victim's computer.

After the incidentwas reported, the four men were later arrested for robbing a home in Ambato, with María Paula Romo, Minister of Government, confirming their capture on Twitter.


"The @PoliciaEcuador immediately captured those responsible for the theft of a home in Ambato," she wrote.

"The event was recorded on video, while a student received classes online."

"Thanking God to the girl they did nothing to her," one person commented.

After the arrest, the student's computer was recovered - though no doubt she'll be relocating the device so that it's facing the door... Which is exactly what I'm doing right now.

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