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Surfer Saves Drowning Beachgoer Pulled Out To Sea In Hawaii

Surfer Saves Drowning Beachgoer Pulled Out To Sea In Hawaii

He has been hailed a hero following the brave rescue

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A surfer has saved a drowning woman pulled out to sea in Hawaii. Watch the daring rescue here:

Mikey Wright was at Ke Iki Beach yesterday (31 December) afternoon when he noticed a woman was getting pulled out to sea as powerful waves crashed against the shore.

In a video shared on Instagram by his two-time World Champion surfer sister Tyler, Mikey can be heard saying the beachgoer 'needs to be saved', before sprinting down the beach to rescue her.

Mikey, 24, can then be seen making it out to the stranded woman and dragging her back into the shore, shielding her from some ferocious waves along the way.

Tyler shared the video on Instagram with the caption: "Closing out 2020 with some hero s*** from @mikewright69."

Commenting on the video, one person said: "Wow that's amazing! Seriously put himself on the line for that person."

Another added: "I knew that mullet had some magic powers."

While former surfer Mick Fanning said: "Wow that could have ended really bad!!! Well done."

Mikey said he initially began filming the rescue attempt, but after realising that lifeguards were occupied with another rescue effort, it quickly dawned on him he would need to help the woman.

Speaking to The Saturday Telegraph, he said: "Then I realised it was getting pretty dangerous so I gave my wife my phone and said 'let's go get her'.

"She was trying to come in [over the rocks] and I said 'we have to go down the beach'.

"We ended up grabbing a hold of her and going down with the current. I just said to her 'don't let go and hold on'."

Luckily for the woman, it was a case of the Wright man being in the Wright place at the Wright time.

And fortunately for Wright, he came away from the dangerous situation with nothing more than a few scratches to his back.

A couple of weeks ago a woman in Queensland made an equally dramatic rescue bid - for a couple of kegs of beer.

7News Queensland captured the moment the woman dived into the sea to grab the beer kegs that had been swept away from a local surf club following heavy rain, strong winds and flooding.

She was determined.

A true hero. A beer hero. A beero.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Tyler Wright

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