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The 'Salt And Ice Challenge' Is The Dumbest Challenge Yet By Far

Tom Wood

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The 'Salt And Ice Challenge' Is The Dumbest Challenge Yet By Far

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

It seems as if in 2018 you're never that far away from another stupid 'challenge' that takes hold online and becomes popular with the kids thanks to the Internet.

They are increasingly less like the 'mannequin challenge' - which was cringeworthy, but largely harmless - and more in keeping with the formula of the 'let's-do-something-unfathomably-dumb-and-potentially-dangerous challenge' (NB not a real challenge, but give people time).

This new one is no different. It's called the 'salt and ice challenge'. It's got to be up there with chowing down on washing tablets in the 'this is fucking stupid' stakes

Basically, you put salt on your skin and then place ice cubes on top of the salt. This causes a chemical reaction which dramatically reduces the temperature of the ice. As the ice drops down to levels of around -17 degrees Celsius, you try to withstand the pain of getting your skin frostbitten for as long as possible.

That's right, the challenge element of this utterly stupid endeavour is to see how badly you can give yourself frostbite and stand the pain. I mean, you deserve everything that's coming to you if you're willing to do that.

Seriously though, don't do it. Don't just take our word for it. Listen to Brian Wagers, who is a paediatrician. He told VT: "It turns [the skin] to leather, essentially.

"So you lose the blood vessels that are in there. You lose sensation, because of the nerve endings... You'd never have hair if you did it on your arms. So, you'll have a bald patch."

Oh, brilliant. It's not only immensely painful, but also permanently disfiguring. Class.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook
Credit: Wales News Service
Credit: Wales News Service

There have already been reports of kids suffering nerve damage, losing feeling in their skin, and getting some pretty heavy duty burns.

These challenges and online crazes have gone so far now that the NSPCC, Britain's largest kid's protection charity, have felt the need to wade in on the issue.

A spokesperson for the charity said: "It's important for schools keep a close eye on all emerging trends and we welcome the police's warning to head teachers.

"The rise of social media has contributed to increasing peer pressure amongst children and this 'craze' is another clear example of the risks.

"The NSPCC publishes advice and guidance for parents on discussing online safety with their children, as well as Net Aware - the UK's only parental guide to social media and gaming apps."

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

It really isn't a joke. An American boy died the other day because of a craze called 'the choking game'. 12-year-old Tua Muai died after him and some friends experimented with cutting off oxygen to their brains.

It's supposed to give you a rush or a short high, but it's obviously really dangerous.

It's best to just not get involved in any of these crazes really. They're not cool, most of them are just really dumb.

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Tom Wood
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