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Three Kilos Of Cocaine Found In 81-Year-Old Woman's Wheelchair

Three Kilos Of Cocaine Found In 81-Year-Old Woman's Wheelchair

When you see old people walking or rolling down the street, you rarely ever suspect them of being naughty.

Sure, they might bust out the odd dirty joke or unfortunately say something racist because 'that's what we called it back in my day'. But they're usually pretty wholesome people in society.


However, there are elderly people who sometimes get caught up in some very naughty situations.

Take this 81-year-old Colombian woman, for example, who's just been busted with three kilograms of cocaine hidden inside her wheelchair.

Police say Irene Mesa de Marulanda's wheelchair had the white substance stashed inside the metal tubing and she was stopped as she was trying to board a flight to Spain.

Ms Mesa de Marulanda denies any knowledge of having the drugs inside her wheelchair. As you would.


The Rionegro Anti-Narcotics Police said in a statement Monday the woman was taken into custody at the José María Córdova International Airport near Medellin.

In a video released by the anti-narcotics department of Colombian police, the 81-year-old sat while an officer combed through her chair and found the white powder.

Credit: AP
Credit: AP

According to, cops stopped the woman during a routine police check and were suspicious when they noticed the chair had a new lick of paint.

Detectives are now looking into whether the 81-year-old had any knowledge of the alleged drug trafficking or someone took advantage of her situation and her chair.

This isn't the first time an elderly person has been used in the Colombian drug trade, with saying at least four cases have happened this year alone.

There was another case involving a 65-year-old Colombian man earlier this year that had everyone in stitches.

The bloke was travelling from Bogota to Barcelona was stopped by Spanish police when they noticed him looking nervous after his flight had landed, attracting the attention of the authorities.

When they questioned him, they noticed the hair piece he was wearing under his hat looked disproportionately big. On closer inspection, the police noticed that he had a package stuck to his head that contained around €30,000 (£27,000) of cocaine.

He had perched the toupee over the package and put it under his hat in an attempt to disguise the drugs.

The police posted the find on Twitter, complete with the use of relevant emojis, of course. A statement said: "There is no limit to the inventiveness of drug traffickers trying to mock controls."

In fairness, it is creative, just the execution was a bit off.

Featured Image Credit: AP

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