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Tourist Who Hit Baseball Into Grand Canyon Is Part Of Federal Investigation

Tourist Who Hit Baseball Into Grand Canyon Is Part Of Federal Investigation

The man has now been identified and contacted by officials.

A tourist who hit a baseball into the Grand Canyon is part of a federal investigation. Watch below:

U.S. Park Rangers took issue with the man's stunt and before finding the individual, asked the public to help identify him.

The suspect, who has now been found, was wearing a blue t shirt and black shorts while he swung his baseball bat - firing the ball into the deep surroundings.

Facebook/Grand Canyon National Park

Officers were in contact with the man on 20 Oct and are still investigating the situation.

They added: "UPDATE: Park personnel are in contact with the involved individual.

"Though no further details are available at this time, we sincerely thank all who submitted tips."

The TikTok was uploaded by @disciplecheeks three days ago (18 Oct) and he insisted that, although he recorded the clip, he had no idea who the individual was.

"No I did not know this guy. I was just a bystander," the TikToker wrote.

"Total creep! Wow. Zero respect for our Parks and wildlife," someone commented on Grand Canyon's Facebook post.


Another user wrote: "Make sure you never remove this post, and always make future posts like this!

"People need to know to not mess around with our parks."

Someone else joked: "He wanted to hit it out of the park."

Whilst other seemed to not see any issue with the incident.

One person wrote: "What exactly is the issue here??"

Another user argued: "The people who are saying this is a 'waste of taxpayer money' and a 'manhunt' are really confusing me.

"There's no offered reward or mention of lots of officers dispatched to hunt him down, it's just a Facebook post. Wackos."

Without defending the man's actions, it's important to mention that he appeared to be paying tribute to someone by wearing a memorial T-shirt.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Grand Canyon National Park

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