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US TV Reporter Almost Struck By Lightning

US TV Reporter Almost Struck By Lightning

A TV news reporter almost got struck by lightning as he was preparing to do a live segment.

Matt Rodewald, from Fox 10, was out on the very wet and windy streets of Phoenix, Arizona when a crash of lightning hit the ground just behind him.


The most amazing thing about this clip is the fact that Matt managed not to swear - a true professional.

According to the Daily Mail, the strike knocked out power in the surrounding area, but Matt was able to carry on and get the live broadcast out.

Matt shared the clip on his Twitter account where viewers reacted in shock.

One wrote: "Holy s*** bro! You're so lucky to still be breathing!"


Another added: "Yikes! I can tell you as an avid weather watcher, there is no shot worth risking your life for! I'm fine with reporting from the safety of the studio."

While a third blasted the fact he had been sent out to report during the storms: "Always such a good idea for reporters to be made to stand pointlessly outside in raging wind, rain and FLYING ELECTRICITY just for a badly shot piece that you can barely hear/see. Genius, all of you."

SRP, an energy company, says more than 15,000 of its customers were left without power due to recent storms.

Phoenix has been battered by a number of storms in recent days as monsoon season gets underway.

The clip highlights the potential risks of live reports - where anything can happen and the whole world can see.

Earlier this month, a TV journalist from MSNBC was reporting in Syria when he was caught spitting in his hands and brushing them back through his hair. Lovely.

In the clip, which obviously ended up going viral, Matt Bradley was out in Syria when US-based anchor Ali Velshi asks: "Matt, what's the situation for you?"

But a problem with the sound meant that poor Matt couldn't hear the studio and was still busy getting himself camera-ready.

After a few seconds, it seemed as though producers realised there was an issue and the broadcast flipped back to the studio, where Ali says they would try again later. Yeah, probably best.

Poor Matt got slammed on social media for his erm... unique grooming routine.

However, fellow news anchor Carl Quintanilla had his back, saying: "Folks reporting live from Syria can get ready for air any. Way. They. Want."

Featured Image Credit: Matt Rodewold

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