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US Teachers Are Learning How To Plug Bullet Holes As Part Of Training

US Teachers Are Learning How To Plug Bullet Holes As Part Of Training

The training comes after a total of 273 people have been killed in mass shootings in 2019 alone

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

If you thought it sounded hard enough to control a classroom containing 30 independent little minds, spare a thought for teachers in the United States - now they're having to go through training on how to plug bullet holes due to the number of mass shootings.

Just let that sink in. Outside of their usual hectic schedules of marking and lesson plans - before we even get into extra-curricular stuff like sports teams, chess clubs, etc - there's a new way to monopolise teachers' time. And it's not based around figuring out the best ways to boost imagination in the classroom, nor to guide, nurture or provide motivation to kids.

Unfortunately, learning how to plug bullet holes is becoming a reality for teachers across America, as part of a bid to push back against the gun crisis.

According to The Sun, mass shootings in the US have claimed 273 lives already this year, with schools featuring all too often on the list of target sites.

Now authorities are training educators on how to treat gunshot wounds, should their classroom ever come under fire. Journal News reported how teachers in Butler County, Ohio, were pictured stuffing medical gauze into bloody holes in chunks of thigh-sized raw meat.

The meat used was meant to represent human flesh and was pumped with red liquid which was there to serve as 'blood'.

In another classroom, others were being taught how to clear a victim's airway after a shooting head wound. Tragically, this is now deemed a necessity.

The teachers being taught how to pack bullet wounds.
Journal News

Teacher Kim Hindery told Journal News: "We've never really known what to do in a hands-on situation. It preps you for what you would do in that exact situation."

Superintendent Scott Gates said: "I've been in education for 26 years and I've never had to schedule a training like this. But it's very important that our staff are trained.

"We are going to be using tourniquets and we are going to be using supplies to stuff wounds. These are the things that are going to keep our kids alive."

A little girl holding her mother after a mass shooting earlier this year.

CBS This Morning host Tony Dokoupil took to Twitter to reveal that his mum had gone through the back-to-school training.

He wrote: "My mom has been a teacher for 30 years. Now, because of mass shootings, this is part of her back to school training: learning how to staunch a giant sucking bullet hole."

In response one person wrote: "Yep. In addition to making teachers act as social workers, mental health professionals, surrogate parents, now they have to be emergency response and triage trained too. No time for class kids."

Another said: "Teacher here. Yes, this is part of our training now. Also how to use weapons (no guns or knives) against an intruder: throw books, desks, ANYTHING HEAVY, how to barricade a door, how to keep kids calm, etc. We dedicate a full day to this training."

What an eye-opener.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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