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Woman Says Her Relationship With Boeing Passenger Jet Is 'Physical'

Woman Says Her Relationship With Boeing Passenger Jet Is 'Physical'

She is in love with a 737-800

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A woman who has been in a relationship with a Boeing passenger jet for the last five years says it is 'physical'.

The aircraft, which she calls 'Schatz', which translates to 'Darling', appears to be getting more romantic attention than most of us. That's reassuring isn't it?

Michele Köbke, 30, from Berlin, has spoken out about how she has fallen for the plane.

She said: "The 737-800 is very attractive and sexy to me. He's the most beautifully built, and he's a very attractive and elegant aircraft."

Get in there, love.
Getty/Barcroft Media

Although, like most relationships, Michele finds it difficult to get quality time alone with her fella, adding: "A relationship with a plane is not easy and at times difficult." I hear ya, mate.

"I can only get close to him when I fly with him or when I can get to him in the hangar, which has only happened once in my life."

She has found other ways to stay, erm, close to him though.

She continued: "I have a big model of him made of fibre glass as well as real components from him so I can act out my love to some degree."

Although her love for the plane is known as objectophilia - when someone is sexually or romantically attracted to inanimate objects - she believes it's the same as any other relationship.

She said: "It's like a normal relationship, we have relaxing evenings together and when we go to bed, we cuddle and fall asleep together."

Michele says that being in a relationship with a plane can be 'difficult'.
Getty/Barcroft Media

In March 2013, she first realised that she had a bit of a thing for planes when she took her first flight, but after she boarded a 737-800, she found that it was exactly her 'type'.

She said: "I got so excited with boarding the plane, I realised I am in love with the 737-800."

"The first time we really met was the May 1, 2019, I enjoyed every millisecond with him.

"My cheeks hurt from smiling, I'm the happiest woman in the world - when I'm with him I have everything I need."

She especially loves the plane's winglets, saying: "When I touch his wings, I get immediately sweaty palms and get excited."

Cracking set of winglets on him.

Michele's ideal situation is to marry her other half and live with him in a hangar.

She added: "It's just a special kind of love that doesn't hurt anybody.

"I wish it was more accepted in society, there are always people who don't accept it.

"I'm simply different and I stand for my love to my 737."

If it makes you happy, then you do you, Shell.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Barcroft Media