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Pilot Captures Footage Of Suspected UFOs Flying Over Pacific Ocean

Pilot Captures Footage Of Suspected UFOs Flying Over Pacific Ocean

The pilot managed to capture footage of the 'UFOs' and it's been hailed as some of the best that has been seen

A pilot claims that he saw an entire fleet of UFOs over the Pacific Ocean and says that the suspected alien aircraft took the form of ‘weird’ rotating lights moving across the sky. You can see the strange phenomenon in the short video below.

As you can see, the clip shows a number of lights in rows in the sky, some with three dots and some with four.

During the video, one of the dots at the very top fades out and is replaced by a lower one, before the entire lot of them seem to disappear from sight.

It’s bizarre, right?

The pilot later said that he can’t think of anything that they could be other than UFOs flying in a formation.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he’s right.

Triangle News

In the vid, you can hear the pilot’s confusion as he says: "I do not know what that is. That is some weird s**t. That is something flying."

The film was taken at 39,000 feet, and has been called the best UFO capture that people have seen since it was shared to social media.

Some folks have claimed that the video actually shows anti-missile flares shot out of a warship, but we may never know exactly what they are, unless someone admits to that, or the aliens come forward themselves.

Both of those outcomes seem unlikely, though.

Still, the theories surrounding the existence of UFOs are becoming more and more believable, particularly after the CIA declassified all of their documents on them earlier this year.

Then, in February the Pentagon admitted that they’d been testing debris from suspected UFOs.

Triangle News

Responding to a Freedom of Information request from UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia, they confirmed exactly what he suspected, that they’d found debris and had analysed it.

Bragalia told The Sun: "The Pentagon has admitted to holding and testing anomalous debris from UFOs.

“They have been able to learn some things about the materials of construction which hold tremendous promise as futuristic materials which will change our lives forever.

“Material evidence such as UFO debris has been a focus of my research. My Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was very specific, seeking the test results of UFO/UAP debris, not material already known to science.

Triangle News

However, they didn’t suggest that the materials they’d tested were from aliens, and refused to tell him everything, presumably for national security reasons.

They wrote: "I have determined that some portions of five documents must be withheld in part from disclosure..."

The truth is out there, folks.

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News

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