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Thousands of Prime bottles are being destroyed in the UK

Thousands of Prime bottles are being destroyed in the UK

"How many people have died from this?"

In news that will likely be a devastating blow to the people who queued for hours to get their hands on Prime, thousands of bottles of the energy drink were recently destroyed in the UK.

Considering some people have been flogging them for up to £25 a pop, that's a lot of cash down the drain:

In case you've been living off-grid for the past few months, you will have heard about the absolute frenzy the in-demand drink, launched by KSI and Logan Paul, has been causing.

Footage of kids storming supermarkets and scrambling over each other to get their fix has been going viral on social media after a number of UK supermarkets took the bold decision of stocking it.

One restaurant even started accepting a bottle of the stuff as payment for pints, while Aldi ended up issuing an apology after so many customers were left empty-handed this week.

Considering Prime is like liquid gold right now, the footage above will most likely make a few fans flinch.

Twitter account Prime Tracker UK shared the video, which was originally posted on TikTok, showing thousands of destroyed bottles alongside text explaining that the batch hadn't met UK regulations.

RIP to these Prime bottles.

The Twitter page explained: "A brand new video shows pallets upon pallets of Prime marked with 'NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION' being destroyed.

"Is this the reason there hasn’t been any stock for so long?"

In a separate tweet, it shared a clip taken from a different angle featuring dozens of bin-bound crates.

Prime fans were unsurprisingly shocked about the wasted stock, with one joking: "How many people have died from this?"

Another said: "Someone needs to get fired. Clearly not doing they job."

But others were on hand to explain this is quite a common occurrence in retail, including this person who said: "My work had to throw out 5k worth of an item cause it had a typo on the label."

A second chimed in: "People do understand that this s**t happens? With everything from food to production of cars and computer components."

KSI had to explain why the batch didn't meet UK regulations.

There was so much noise about the post, KSI himself decided to set the record straight.

Sharing Prime Tracker UK's tweet, the YouTuber said: "You lot don’t miss anything. The manufacturer put too much electrolyte blend in an ice pop batch so we got our quality team to have them destroyed.

"We quality check every batch, so this is just part of the game lol. RIP to those Prime bottles."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@prime_tracker/Facebook/Hot UK Deals

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